How To Get Omega Isotope In Warframe In 2022

How To Get Omega Isotope In Warframe In 2022
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11th May 2022 17:12

The Warframe Omega Isotope is a rare and exclusive resource that players will need for taking part in a certain recurring event in-game, allowing you to complete it and earn the relevant rewards afterwards. Warframe's looter shooter gameplay loop will see you collect hundreds of different in-game currencies and resources for use in crafting, events, and more. So if you need to know how to get Omega Isotope in Warframe in 2022, we've got you covered. 

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What Is The Warframe Omega Isotope?

What Is The Warframe Omega Isotope?
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Omega Isotope is a rare resource that is exclusive to the Fomorian Sabotage event, and allows you to build the Fomorian Disruptor special item. This lets you start Balor Fomorian missions and finish them by removing the shield for the ship's power core, otherwise you cannot take part in these events.

You will need a total of four to build one of these special items, along with 1250 Credits, 3500 Nano Spores, and 300 Cryotic. The blueprint will automatically be added to your inbox once the event begins. 

How To Farm Omega Isotope In Warframe

How To Farm Omega Isotope In Warframe
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The event is somewhat randomised each time it occurs, meaning the location of Omega Isotope also changes. In short, the Fomorian Sabotage events happen when the Grineer enemies send a Balor Fomorian ship to one of the game's relay ships, and players are tasked with destroying this ship before it can arrive. 

Every time the event begins anew, the Balor Fomorian will spawn above a new planet, and your alerts menu will inform you of which planet. The planet that the ship spawns above is where you will be able to farm Omega Isotope, and they can drop from any enemies or containers in non-archwing missions. 


The best missions for this are the endless ones or those which continuously spawn enemies, such as Defence, Mobile Defence, Survival, Interception, and Excavation. Obviously, depending on the planet which receives the Fomorian Sabotage alert, there will be different mission types, but look out for any of the above for the best chance of getting the drop.

Most enemies and containers only drop one at a time, but some tougher enemies like Bombards can drop multiple. Your chances of getting the resource are also increased if you use a Resource Booster, but as you only need four in total to craft the Fomorian Disruptor, you won't need too. 

That's all for our primer on how to get Omega Isotope In Warframe in 2022, and now you know the purpose of the exclusive resource, along with the best methods for farming it. 

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