Warframe Control Module | How To Farm Control Modules In Warframe

Warframe Control Module | How To Farm Control Modules In Warframe
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25th Apr 2022 16:27

Warframe Control Modules are a rare crafting component that have a wide use in manufacturing over one hundred different blueprints across the game. During your time in Warframe, you'll collect a series of components, but few are as useful as Control Modules due to their wide usage in making Warframe components. So, for a rundown of where to find Warframe Control Modules, read on. 

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Warframe Control Module: What Are Control Modules?

Warframe Control Module
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The Control Modules are a rare resource used for crafting a series of blueprints, such as Warframe components, weapons, cosmetics, and much more. They are one of the most widely used components in the game, so it's always worth farming them when you have the chance. They can be purchased from the market for ten Platinum per Control Module. 

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Warframe Control Module: How To Farm Control Modules?

Warframe Control Module hyena pack
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There are a few ways to farm a consistent amount of Warframe Control Modules, but we will mainly focus on Neptune, the Void, and bounty rewards. Firstly, if you do the Psamathe, Neptune mission on Europa, the Hyena Pack bosses that come at the end all have a good chance of dropping Control Modules. These drop in quantities of one to three, and each Hyena has a chance of dropping them, meaning you can gain 12 max if you are lucky. 


Another great way of grabbing them is from Void missions. Despite the rarity of Control Modules, they have a higher-than-normal drop rate in these missions, so it's worth taking advantage of. The Exterminate and Capture missions on the Orokin Tower tileset have the best drop rates for Control Modules. Lastly, the bounty rewards for missions on Fortuna or the Plains of Eidolon are a good way of getting them earlier in the game. 

That's all for our primer on how to farm Warframe Control Modules, and now you should have an idea of how to best earn them during play. 

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