How To Farm Scintillant In Warframe

How To Farm Scintillant In Warframe
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4th May 2022 18:10

Warframe Scintillant is a very rare resource used in the manufacturing of certain weapons, frame components, and mech parts, but there are very few instances where you can collect it. It's only one of Warframe's many resources that can be used to craft an abundance of equipment for use in your spacefaring missions. So, if you need to know where to farm Warframe Scintillant, we'll show you. 

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What Is Scintillant In Warframe?

Warframe Scintillant
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Scintillant is one of the game's rare resources that is used for crafting several items, such as weapons, frame components, and the parts for mech suits. It cannot be purchased, meaning players are forced to seek it out or find methods of farming to earn it frequently, but it also drops in low quantities, making this process significantly harder. The exact pieces of equipment you can build with Scintillant are:

  • Arcroid Launcher
  • Bonewidow Capsule
  • Catabolyst
  • Macro Arcroid Loader
  • Macro Thymoid Loader
  • Quassus
  • Thymoid Loader
  • Voidring Capsule
  • Xaku Systems

You will need a total of 33 Scintillant to craft all of the above items, so check out how to farm below. 


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How To Farm Scintillant In Warframe

Warframe Scintillant farm
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The Scintillant resource can only really be found in the Cambion Drift region, so you'll need to familiarise yourself with it. The best way to farm Scintillant is by gaining Bounties from the Mother character. She can be found on Deimos, inside the Necralisk enclave, and speaking to her will allow you to undertake Bounties of different tiers. Scintilliant is a rare drop for tier one Bounties, but it's a common reward for finishing the tier two Bounties. 

You can also further increase your chances at getting them by taking Bounties for the Isolation Vaults. There are enemies in here called Nechramechs that have a chance at dropping them, and you can sometimes find floating Scintillant entities that can be picked up and sometimes respawn. 

The Thief's Wit, Loot Detector, and Animal Instinct mods for Warframes, Auras, and companions allow you to see the resource on your minimap if you are having a hard time spotting any. It also makes a unique sound when you are a short distance away, so keep an ear out for that.

That's all for our guide on the Warframe Scintillant resource, and now you know what you can craft with it and where the best farming spots are.

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