Warframe Wisp | How To Build The Wisp Warframe

Warframe Wisp | How To Build The Wisp Warframe
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25th Apr 2022 16:25

The Warframe Wisp suit has been a popular Warframe ever since its release back in 2019, largely owing to the strong kit of skills she can use and her ability to float around. The main thrust of Warframe is collecting various suits which give you different powers and abilities, so you can take part in missions and continue the loop, getting stronger and stronger. If you want to know everything about the Warframe Wisp suit, including how to build it, we've got you covered. 

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Warframe Wisp: What Is The Wisp Warframe?

Warframe Wisp
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The Wisp Warframe is designed to ape the look of an ethereal enchantress, due to the flowing fabric, face wrap, and levitation. Her passive gives herself and her allies full invisibility until she fires a weapon or makes a hard landing. This doesn't deactivate if you use a melee weapon though, letting you stealth kill. Wisp comes with four abilities, which are:

  • Reservoirs - Summon a bunch of Motes which attach to allies and provide buffs. The Haste Mote increases movement and attack speed, the Vitality Mote increases max HP, and the Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies. 
  • Will-O-Wisp - Cast a spectral image of Wisp which distracts enemies. Reactive it to teleport to the position. 
  • Breach Surge - Open a dimensional breach which causes enemies to release Surge sparks when damaged.
  • Sol Gate - Open a portal to the sun which releases a beam of pure solar plasma and damages enemies. Hold the activation button to increase the energy consumption and double the damage.


The Wisp Warframe also has a few extra cosmetic choices if you want to change her look. These are the Goath Helmet, Dex Helmet, and Dex Skin. You can also attach the Fused Reservoir and Critical Surge Augments to make the abilities even stronger. 

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Warframe Wisp: How To Build It?

Warframe Wisp crafting
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Creating the Wisp Warframe requires you to seek out four different blueprints and a tonne of resources for building them. These are the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems blueprints, followed by the Wisp blueprint which combines them together to make the suit. All of these can be earned from the Ropalolyst Assassination mission, which is accessed from the Corpus Gas City Assassination node, but you will need to finish The War Within quest first. Each blueprint has a 25% chance of being a reward, so you will need to repeat the mission to gain each one.  

The Chassis blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, 500 Hexenon, 1 Argon Crystal, 700 Oxium, and 2750 Alloy Plate. The Neuroptics blueprint also needs 15,000 Credits, further requiring 300 Hexenon, 2 Tellurium, 950 Plastids, and 2200 Polymer Bundles. The Systems blueprint can be built with 15,000 Credits, 400 Hexenon, 2 Nitain Extract, 950 Rubedo, and 10,000 Salvage. Finally, you can combine all pieces for the final blueprint which costs 25,000 Credits and 3 Orokin Cells. 

That's our breakdown of how to get the Warframe Wisp suit, and now you know how the suit works and how it can be built.

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