Best Warframe Laetum Builds And How To Get It

Best Warframe Laetum Builds And How To Get It
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13th May 2022 13:20

The Warframe Laetum is a powerful Incarnon weapon, meaning the Void has altered it to become more powerful and have extra effects that change during use. Warframe has a litany of strong weapons that you can make use of, but not all of them are straightforward to craft or find. So read on for a breakdown of the Warframe Laetum builds, including how to craft it, and what mods you should pair with it.

  • For more powerful Incarnon weapons to craft, check out the Warframe Phenmor, which you can earn after the Laetum. 

What Is The Warframe Laetum?

What Is The Warframe Laetum?
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The Warframe Laetum is a ceremonial pistol weapon that has been altered by the Void to become more powerful. In its standard form, the Laetum is a semi-automatic pistol that fires explosive airburst rounds, but if you hit twelve headshots then it will temporarily transform into a fully automatic gun that deals extra Radiation damage in a small AoE. When the weapon transforms, you will get a separate 216 round mag that doesn't deplete the ammo of your standard form. 

Its normal form also deals slash damage on direct hits, while also having an above average critical hit chance and critical hit multiplier. This crit chance will improve further in the Incarnon form, so it pairs well with modifications that increase your overall critical damage or multiplier. While using the Laetum, meeting certain objectives will allow you to evolve the weapon a total of five times, giving it extra benefits and effects. These are listed in the table below. 

Evolution Perk One Perk Two Perk Three
Incarnon Form - Kill 100 enemies n/a n/a n/a
Evolution II - Kill eight Warframe Eximus enemies -40% recoil +20% fire rate +50% movement speed while aiming
Evolution III - Land eight headshots on Void Angels On headshot: +30% reload speed for 12 seconds 30% magazine reloaded per second while holstered Gain 60% ammo efficiency while gliding or sliding 
Evolution IV - Close 12 ruptures in Warframe Void Flood +50% headshot damage Headshots build +50% Incarnon mode charge +20% status chance, -10% critical chance
Evolution V - Complete a solo mission with Incarnon weapons in each slot

50% chance to deal 2000% damage on crit hits

On headshot: 40% ammo efficiency for six seconds On non crit and status hits, +400% damage for 20 seconds


How To Craft The Warframe Laetum?

How To Craft The Warframe Laetum?
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Before crafting the Laetum, you will need to grab the blueprint. This can be purchased from the merchant called Cavalero of the Holdfasts syndicate. You only need to be rank zero with this syndicate and earn 3000 standing to purchase this, and Cavalero can be found in the centre of the Chrysalith hub on the Zariman. If you don't want to go through this, you can also trade for it with other players.


To build the Laetum weapon, you will need 30,000 Credits, one Voidplume Pinion, five Voidplume Quills, 20 Voidgel Orbs, and 4000 Ferrite. It will take a total of 24 hours for you to craft it, but you can rush this with 35 Platinum. 

Warframe Laetum Builds

Warframe Laetum Builds
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To make the most of any weapon in Warframe, you will need to gear it out with modifications to alter the stats and properties, allowing you to match it with your build. Here are our choices for the Laetum mods:

  • Lethal Momentum - +40% projectile speed.
  • Galvanised Diffusion - +110% multishot, and on kill: +30% multishot for 20 seconds. Stacks up to four times.
  • Primed Target Cracker - +110% critical damage.
  • Primed Pistol Gambit - +187% critical chance.
  • Frostbite - +60% cold status, and +60% status chance.
  • Pistol Pestilence - +60% toxin status, and +60% status chance.
  • Primed heated Charge - +165% heat status.
  • Primed Expel Grineer - +55% damage to Grineer.
  • Lethal Torrent - +60% fire rate, and +60% multishot

That's all for our primer on Warframe Laetum builds, and now you know the powerful effects of the weapon, along with how to craft it, and what mods you should equip it with.

If you need to know how to farm Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe so you can build some of the new equipment, we've got you covered. 


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