How to farm Eximus enemies in Warframe

How to farm Eximus enemies in Warframe
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The Warframe Eximus enemies are one of the tougher variants in the game, as they are part of the special elite class of enemies thanks to their unique and powerful abilities. Warframe has a tonne of enemies types and variants that can be found across the game's many missions, and often there are challenges associated with killing a set amount. So, if you need to know where to find the Warframe Eximus enemies and the best places to farm them, we've got you covered. 

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Warframe Eximus: How To Farm Eximus Enemies

Warframe Eximus farming
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There are many ways to farm the Warframe Eximus enemies for their resources or for the completion of challenges. One of the simpler ways is by taking part in endless missions like Defence and Survival, where Eximus enemies will show up after a certain amount of time. The longer you take part in one of these missions, the more chance of them showing up, but it will get progressively more difficult to manage, so playing with some allies or preparing will help you out.

A way to guarantee that you come across Eximus enemies is by taking part in Sorties (which are sets of three special missions) with the Eximus Stronghold modifier. You'll need to finish a quest called The War Within before you unlock Sorties, but with the modifier tacked on you should carve through tonnes of Eximus in no time. 

The Void also one of the best places on the star chart for facing off with Eximus enemies, as they show up frequently in certain higher-level tile sets in the Orokin Towers. Any of the above methods should ensure you'll come across plenty of these enemies.

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Warframe Eximus: Enemy Types

Warframe Eximus types
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Here we will list all the Eximus enemies along with a short description of their abilities:

  • Blitz - These enemies can cast a Seismic Shockwave which knocks down opponents, and they have a resistance of 40% to all damage types.
  • Energy Leech/Parasitic - These enemies can drain energy when nearby to you, and come with a high health pool and innate resistance.
  • Arson/Caustic - These inmates can buff an ally's resistance to Heat and Blast damage by 50% while lowering enemy's resistances the same amount. They also have a concussive blast ability in a 30-metre radius which knocks down enemies. 
  • Guardian - These are extremely durable enemies that can restore the shields of their allies.
  • Arctic/Frozen - They can project an aura which boosts an ally's resistance to Cold damage by 50% while lowering an enemy's resistance the same amount. They also deal a constant Cold effect which reduces their movement and attack speed.
  • Leech/Sanguine - These enemies can regenerate health by dealing damage.
  • Shock - Project an aura which increases an ally's resistance to Electricity and Magnetic damage by 50%, while lowering an enemy's resistance the same amount. They also deal Electricity damage in a small radius
  • Venomous - Projects an aura which increases an ally's resistance to Toxin damage by 50%, while lowering an enemy's resistance the same amount. They emit a Toxin aura in a 10-metre radius, which will proc a damage over time effect.

That's our explainer of the Warframe Eximus enemies, and now you know about some of the different types and how to farm them. 

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