How to find all Poplin Shops in Super Mario Wonder

How to find all Poplin Shops in Super Mario Wonder
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27th Oct 2023 11:48

There are plenty of Poplin Shops scattered throughout Super Mario Wonder, and they sell a variety of items. They are incredibly useful and can give you access to Wonder Seeds and extra lives, should you need them.

The world of Super Mario Wonder has plenty to discover, from fun challenges to levels with new mechanics to explore. Poplin Shops are a new addition, too - replacing the little rooms where you would normally get items from Toad.

If you want to know all the places in the game where you can find these Poplin Shops, make sure to keep reading.

Where are the Poplin Shops in Super Mario Wonder?

In total, there are ten Poplin Shops in Super Mario Wonder. These shops allow you to get items from new Standees to extra lives and even Badges.

To purchase these items, you have to use purple Flower Coins that you’ve collected from the levels you’ve completed.

Here are all of the Poplin Shops available in Super Mario Wonder:



Pipe-Rock Plateau


Fluff-Puff Peaks


Shining Falls


Sunbaked Desert


Fungi Mine


Magma Bog


Petal Isles


Special World


While there isn't a traditional Poplin Shop in the game's secret Special World, there is a Standee Shop where you can purchase Standees for specific characters - which is handy if you're trying to get a full collection.

That’s everything you need to know about the Poplin Shops in Super Mario Wonder!

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