How to defeat Dry Bones in Super Mario RPG

How to defeat Dry Bones in Super Mario RPG
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28th Nov 2023 12:13

You might be thinking Dry Bones are invulnerable at first in Super Mario RPG, but we'll show you how to defeat them in this guide.

Dry Bones are a common enemy in the Mario franchise, but in an RPG like this game, it's not immediately clear how to take them down. Regular attacks won't work, but there's a special trick to defeat them almost immediately.

How to defeat Dry Bones in Super Mario RPG

Dry Bones can only be defeated by magic, or moves that use your FP. For example, you could use Geno's Beam or Mario's fireballs. If you try to hit Dry Bones with a physical move like Mario's hammer, you'll notice that the Dry Bones will take a lot of damage but it won't go down.

That's because they're invulnerable to regular attacks. so if you're going to fight them make sure you have FP to spare.

Fighting Dry Bones with magic in Super Mario RPG
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However, once you've defeated Dry Bones, they will come back to life after a brief delay on the overworld. You'll quickly waste your FP if you keep fighting them, so I'd recommend avoiding them unless you need them for the Monster Log.

What are the best moves for defeating Dry Bones?

If you're fighting multiple Dry Bones in Super Mario RPG, personally, I'd suggest to use moves that hit multiple enemies at once. Mallow's lightning attack is a good one as it only costs 2 FP and strikes all enemies with lightning, making it the cheapest way to defeat them with ease.

Special moves that only hit one target like Mario's fireball are still fine to use, but they're not as effective as moves that hit every target on the field. They also cost a lot more FP to use.

Defeating Dry Bones is pretty simple, but just be aware of how much FP you're using against them so you don't run out. You can always use some Syrup to restore it, and you might even get a Freebie if you do, so you won't run out easily.

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