Where to find Peach's Crown in Super Mario RPG

Where to find Peach's Crown in Super Mario RPG
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20th Nov 2023 13:10

If you're struggling to find Peach's Crown in Super Mario RPG, rest assured you're not the only one. Here's the location of this sparkling accessory so you can get back to stopping Booster's wedding!

Super Mario RPG is a faithful remake of the original SNES game, which means some of the more frustrating puzzles are also faithfully recreated - like the one that tasks you with finding Peach's Crown in Marrymore.

Where is Peach's Crown in Super Mario RPG?

The answer to this question is a simple yet infuriating one: Peach's Crown is on top of Booster's head! Simply jump on top of him and you'll solve this devious puzzle.

Peach's Crown in Super Mario RPG
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If, like me, you saw Peach's other items of jewellery fly off down the aisle of Marrymore Chapel, you probably went hunting around all of the seats and maybe even left the room trying to find Peach's Crown.

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to solve this simple mystery. Unlike the Booster Tower portrait puzzle, which takes a while but has an obvious solution, this one just had me running around in circles for ages.

Different cutscenes after finding Peach's crown

There's actually a fun hidden secret at the end of this puzzle: Depending on how fast you find all of Peach's items and return them to Booster, you'll get one of a few different kissing cutscenes.

If you return all of the items before two of the candles are lit, Mario will get a kiss from Peach. But if you take longer than this, Mario will either get a kiss from Bowser, a kiss from Booster, or a kiss from both of them.

Bowser and Booster kissing Mario in Super Mario RPG
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What a lucky guy!

After playing games like Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario Odyssey, which offer a lot of assistance when you're stuck, it's interesting to revisit a Mario game that makes you figure things out for yourself.

Now you know how to find Peach's Crown, why not visit our Mario homepage for more guides and the latest news about everyone's favourite moustachioed plumber?

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