What is the max level in Super Mario RPG?

What is the max level in Super Mario RPG?
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28th Nov 2023 14:55

The max level in Super Mario RPG is pretty hard to achieve, so we'll explain what it is and whether it's worth spending time EXP farming to reach it.

Just like most RPGs, there is a max level cap in the game for each character on your team, so read on to find out more about the max level and whether or not you need to get there to beat Super Mario RPG's endgame bosses.

What is the max level in Super Mario RPG?

The max level you can reach in Super Mario RPG is level 30.

This is the highest level any of the characters can reach. All five main characters have the same level cap of 30, meaning you can't go higher than that.

Once you reach level 30 with a character they'll stop receiving any experience. It'll take you a long time to get there though!

Do you need to be max level in Super Mario RPG?

A level 19 party in Super Mario RPG.
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You don't need to reach max level in Super Mario RPG to complete any of the game's content. It'll help for some of the end-game bosses, but it won't be required unless you're really struggling. Most players will probably end up somewhere in the mid-20s instead.

My team was level 19 by the time I beat the game the first time, and that was without any kind of EXP farming. You might need to grind some EXP if you're having trouble with later bosses but you shouldn't need to hit max level.

Characters will also receive their final moves somewhere around levels 14-16. For example, Peach gets her final move Psych Bomb at level 15. You don't get any more moves after that, but you'll need to level up some more to stand a chance against certain bosses.

Levelling up becomes slightly more important if you want to take on Super Mario RPG's post-game content. I won't put any spoilers here, but you should level your party up as high as you can if you want to succeed.

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