Super Mario RPG Booster Tower family portraits order

Super Mario RPG Booster Tower family portraits order
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Daniel Megarry


20th Nov 2023 12:00

Figuring out the correct order of Booster's family portraits is one of the more difficult puzzles in Super Mario RPG, so we've got the answer right here to make things a little easier.

Nintendo's long-awaited remake of Super Mario RPG is finally here, meaning Mario fans around the world are discovering (or re-discovering) the iconic Square Enix adventure. It also means plenty of people will be getting stumped by the game's tricky puzzles.

One of these is the Booster's family portraits puzzle in Booster Tower, which requires you to look at each portrait in order from oldest to youngest.

Booster portraits puzzle solution in Super Mario RPG

To solve this puzzle, you'll need to interact with the 6th portrait first, then the 5th portrait, then the 3rd portrait, then the 1st portrait, then the 2nd portrait, and finally the 4th portrait.

If you're still not sure of the correct order, take a look at the screenshot below, starting from one and ending with six:

Solution to the Booster's Family Portraits puzzle
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So how did I come to this solution? Well, in the first room of Booster Tower, there's a row of portraits on the wall. These ones are already placed in order from oldest to youngest, so it's a case of matching them up with the wrongly-ordered portraits in the puzzle room.

The main problem here is that most people (myself included) won't have taken a screenshot or photo of the original portraits as they seem pretty inconspicuous. To save yourself from having to trek back to the ground floor of the tower, simply use the screenshot above as a guide.

Every time you interact with the correct portrait, it will spin around to reveal a 'B' letter. If you choose the wrong portrait, it will reveal an enemy to battle instead. Once you've successfully completed the puzzle, you'll get a key to unlock the door at the end of the room.

Reward for completing Booster Tower family portraits puzzle

Once you've successfully completed this puzzle and unlocked the door, you'll enter a room with a dangerous-looking Chain Chomp chained to a high-up platform. Don't worry, you don't have to fight this one - simply jump into it and Bowser will take it as a weapon!

Watch the (slightly strange) cutscene, and then head to the 'equip' section of the pause menu where you can now add the Chain Chomp to Bowser's loadout. This isn't the best weapon he'll get in the game, but it is the first one you can find which makes it a pretty important reward.

Bowser's Chain Chomp weapon in Super Mario RPG
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Assuming you have no weapons equipped for Bowser, the Chain Chomp will give him +10 Attack points. Bowser's already a hard-hitting addition to your team, but this extra damage will go a long way when tackling Booster Tower's double-trouble boss.

Now you know how to solve the Booster Tower family portraits puzzle, why not check out our Mario homepage for the latest news and more guides like this one?

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