Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship password & all puzzle solutions

Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship password & all puzzle solutions
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Super Mario RPG has plenty of challenging puzzles to wrap your head around, like figuring out the password for the locked room in the Sunken Ship.

Halfway through the game's Sunken Ship level, your path will be blocked by a locked door. In order to get the password, you'll need to solve six puzzles in return for clues. Whether you want help with a specific puzzle or you just want the password itself, we've got you covered.

SPOILER WARNING: If you want the solutions to individual puzzle rooms, skip the next section as it includes the final answer!

What is the Sunken Ship password in Super Mario RPG?

If you'd rather get straight to the answer without earning the clues yourself, the password for the Sunken Ship locked door is PEARLS.

You'll notice there are six floating J Boxes in the room with the locked door. To enter the password, simply jump under each one until they display the correct letters in the correct order.

Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship room puzzle solutions

If you're stuck on a specific puzzle room, here are some tips to help you complete each one as well as the clues you'll receive for doing so:

Room 1 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 1 in Super Mario RPG
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In the first room, a flying Koopa Paratroopa will follow you around the room from above. You'll need to direct it so it flies into the cannonball off the top of the boxes down onto the green switch. If the ball misses the switch, simply exit the room and reenter to try again.

Complete this puzzle, and you'll be given a clue that tells you the password has an 's' somewhere in it.

Room 2 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 2 in Super Mario RPG
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In the second room, you'll need to hit the floating J Boxes to stop the bouncy pads on the level above from moving. The aim is to line them all up at an equal distance so the falling cannonball will bounce all the way along to the green switch. You might need a few practice runs before you get the timing down.

The clue you'll be given here is that the password is something that lies on the seabed.

Room 3 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 3 in Super Mario RPG
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The third room is possibly the most frustrating puzzle in the entire game, as you'll need to make your way through a 3D maze where you can't see what's going on inside. The best advice I can give is to keep running around and jump whenever you hit a dead end, as there are a lot of ups and downs inside.

Jump on the green switch at the top of the maze and you'll be informed that the password has two vowels in it.

Room 4 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 4 in Super Mario RPG
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In the fourth room, you'll need to follow the floating coin around the room and collect the extra coins it leaves behind. The trick is to not catch up with the main coin while it's still moving, as you'll fail the puzzle if you do that. At the same time, if you lag too far behind, the coins will simply disappear.

Collect the main coin once it's done a full circle of the room and you'll be told that the password is something very valuable.

Room 5 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 5 in Super Mario RPG
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When you enter the fifth room, you'll notice only one floating J Box is within reach of Mario's jump. Hit it and a cannonball will shoot out. Run underneath the next floating J Box and jump at the right moment to knock the cannonball into it. You'll need to do this for the next two J Boxes as well.

If you're successful, you'll get a clue that the password is not an 'it' but a 'they' suggesting it's multiple things.

Room 6 puzzle solution

Sunken Ship puzzle 6 in Super Mario RPG
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The final room features two green switches that don't do anything when you step on them. The trick is to jump onto the pile of barrels so one of them falls off. Jump onto that barrel and roll it along the floor until it ends up on the right-hand switch, then position Mario on the left-hand switch.

This gives you the final clue, which reveals that the 'R' comes before the 'L' in the answer, so now you know two more letters in the password.

With all of these clues, you know that the password features the letters S, R, and L; that it has two vowels; and that it's something very valuable that lies at the bottom of the sea. Have you figured it out yet? The answer is PEARLS!

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