How long is Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch?

How long is Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch?
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24th Nov 2023 14:52

Super Mario RPG has finally gotten a major remake on Nintendo Switch, and anyone who hasn't played the original game might be wondering how long the game is. 

I'm a big fan of Super Mario RPG, but it's not actually a huge game. Here's how long Super Mario RPG might take you to complete, taking into account the original game, new post-game content, and anything else that's relevant to the game.

How long is Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG will typically take you around 10-15 hours to complete for an average playthrough. As the new Switch game is a very faithful remake, the main game is largely the same length as the original - though this could be shorter if you play on the easier difficulty setting.

There is some extra content added to the main story, but most of the new gameplay content takes place after the main game's story.

However, if you're going for a 100% completion, the game could take you quite a bit longer to finish. There's a lot of extra stuff to discover in the game, and with the new post-game content, this remake will be even longer for completionists.


What is the new post-game content in Super Mario RPG?

A squashed Mario in Super Mario RPG.
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Super Mario RPG has some new post-game content in the form of boss rematches. These are harder versions of boss fights from the main game, and while their difficulty might vary depending on your skill level, these bosses are going to add some extra length to the game.

You can access these rematches by completing the game and loading your save file, which should now have a star next to it. This will kick off a chain of events involving a stay at the Marrymore Inn which leads you to the boss fights, all of which need to be completed in order.

There's one final secret boss to take on once you've rematched everyone else - Culex 3D! Hidden behind a locked door in Monstro Town, this is the most difficult opponent in the entire game, so make sure your Party has maxed out their levels and give them the best equipment to hold.

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