How to change between modern and classic music in Super Mario RPG

How to change between modern and classic music in Super Mario RPG
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22nd Nov 2023 12:05

Changing between modern and classic music is pretty easy in Super Mario RPG, and this guide will show you exactly how to do it.

I love the new music in the game, especially the Forest Maze remix and the boss fight theme. However, if you're keen to play with the classic music from the original version, we'll show you how to do it just below.

How to change music in Super Mario RPG

Changing music in Super Mario RPG
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To change between modern and classic music, simply head to the game's settings by pressing the + button and scrolling down to System.

In the System menu you should see an option for Music Version. All you need to do is change this option to Modern or Classic depending on which version you want to listen to.

What are the differences between music versions in Super Mario RPG?

A bridge of tadpoles in Super Mario RPG.
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The Classic setting will play the classic music from the original SNES game. The Modern setting plays the updated version of the game's soundtrack, which is a pretty awesome re-invention of the original game's tunes.

The music was composed by Yoko Shimomura originally, and she returned for the remake on Switch. Her new version of the soundtrack is a very faithful and modern rendition of the original music, a perfect fit for the game's updated visuals.

Shimomura said on Twitter: "I put all my heart into arranging all the songs, hoping that both the fans of the original and those playing for the first time can enjoy it." I'd say she succeeded!

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