How to find Hot Hot Hot Secret Exit in Super Mario Bros Wonder

How to find Hot Hot Hot Secret Exit in Super Mario Bros Wonder
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2nd Nov 2023 12:34

Hot Hot Hot! is a level within the Deep Magma Bog, the sixth world in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

If you've already completed this level you might be surprised not to see a green check mark after you've collected all the Purple Coins and Wonder Seeds. That's because there's a secret exit lurking within the level!

Keep reading to find out where to find this secret exit in the game and what badge you should use to make it much easier to unlock.

Where is the Hot Hot Hot secret exit in Mario Wonder?

Stone blocks used to find the secret exit in Hot Hot Hot!
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You can find the secret exit in Hot Hot Hot! by reaching this section with the stone blocks pictured above. I'd highly recommend using the Boosting Spin Jump badge, as it'll be very difficult to get where you need to go without it.

Climb these stone blocks and then jump off the top block to the right and you should see some clouds with a flower and some pots. Jump over there using your spin jump to get the height you need. Touch the flower above the clouds and it'll move to a new location to the left. 

Clouds where you'll need to go to find the secret exit in Hot Hot Hot!
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Just keep following the flower after it moves and it will eventually create a door that you can enter to find the secret exit. This area is very dark compared to the normal level, so you'll know that you've found it.

Grab the flagpole at the end to complete the Hot Hot Hot! secret exit.

What do you get for finding the Hot Hot Hot! Secret Exit?

The secret exit flagpole in Hot Hot Hot!
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By completing the secret exit in Hot Hot Hot! you can unlock a new level, Break Time: Hot Hot Rocks. This is pretty important if you want to play all the levels in the game, or go for that 100% completion.

You'll also get a third Wonder Seed. Many levels have hidden Wonder Seeds within them via secret exits, and you can usually determine when a level has one if you check the course selection screen. Any levels you've completed fully (3 Purple Coins, all Wonder Seeds and the flagpole) that don't have a green check mark will probably have a secret exit in them somewhere.

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