How to get the Bright Card & enter Grate Guy's Casino in Super Mario RPG

How to get the Bright Card & enter Grate Guy's Casino in Super Mario RPG
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As you adventure in Super Mario RPG, you will hear rumours of a mysterious casino where you can win big prizes. It turns out the place really does exist, but you can only get into Super Mario RPG's designated gambling den with a special membership card called a Bright Card.

This primer features step-by-step instructions on where to find Grate Guy's Casino and how to get the Bright Card and enter one of the game's most secret areas.

Where to find Grate Guy's Casino

Revealing the invisible platform inside the top-centre Warp Pipe at Bean Valley
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Believe it or not, the tales of a hidden casino that the Toad in the Nimbus Land Inn tells in his slumber aren't a bunch of baloney. Grate Guy, an associate of Booster, owns and operates a casino, but it's nearly impossible to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

The journey to Grate Guy's Casino begins in Bean Valley in the Land's End Region. As you trek through Bean Valley, you will eventually come across a circle of Warp Pipes occupied by wilted Piranha Plants. Once the Fly Guy waters the Piranha Plant in the top-centre Warp Pipe, approach it and do battle, then enter the Warp Pipe after you defeat it.

Inside the Warp Pipe, you will notice a Gold Chomp. Best the Gold Chomp, then move into the upper-left corner where the Chomp Chomp was chained up and jump three times. A previously invisible platform will appear, which you can use to leap atop the green-bricked wall and enter a secret passageway that leads directly to Grate Guy's Casino.

However, you'll soon learn that Grate Guy's Casino is for members only!

How to get the Bright Card & enter Grate Guy's Casino

Winning the Bright Card from Knife Guy in Super Mario RPG
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To prove your membership to the Doorman at Grate Guy's Casino, you need a Bright Card, also known as a Brilliant Card. 

To get a Bright Card, you must return to Booster Tower and climb it until you run into Knife Guy, Grate Guy's older brother. Knife Guy is an entertainer at heart and clearly enjoys juggling. If you speak with him, he'll offer to play a game where you must guess which of his hands contains the yellow ball.

Usually, when you guess accurately, Knife Guy will award you with a Mushroom of some sort. But, if you keep playing and pick correctly 12 times in a row, Knife Guy will be so impressed that he'll hand over a Bright Card.

With a Bright Card, you can enter Grate Guy's Casino however often you desire!

Everything you can do & get in Grate Guy's Casino

The inside of Grate Guy's Casino in Super Mario RPG
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Grate Guy's Casino is home to classics like Slot Machines and, in the original Super Mario RPG, Blackjack, but you can also play the Memory Game and Look the Other Way. You'll need skill to win in Grate Guy's Casino and a lot of luck!

As you might expect, you can win Coins and Frog Coins in Grate Guy's Casino, but you can bag all kinds of useful items, too. The most enticing prize in Grate Guy's Casino is the Star Egg. The Star Egg is a top-tier attack item you can reuse, but to get it, you must beat Grate Guy in Look the Other Way a whopping 100 times.

Other uses for the Bright Card

The outside of Grate Guy's Casino in Super Mario RPG
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While the Bright Card is primarily used to get into Grate Guy's Casino, it can fetch a pretty penny after you've had your fun.

An elderly Toad in the Marrymore Inn will initially offer you 100 Coins for the Bright Card. If you play hardball, though, he'll raise his offer to five Frog Coins. Turn it down again, and the Toad will max his bid at ten Frog Coins. Alternatively, you can sell the Bright Card at any Shop for 777 Coins.

If you sell the Bright Card and regret it, you can buy it back from the elderly Toad for the steep cost of 15 Frog Coins. So, only give it away if you don't plan to make any more trips to Grate Guy's Casino!

That's the basics of Grate Guy's Casino in Super Mario RPG. Unlock access with the Bright Card, which you can get from Knife Guy in Booster Tower. There are plenty of prizes to procure once you're inside, including the powerful Star Egg!

Super Mario RPG is full of secrets! Check out our Mario homepage for more Super Mario RPG guides, like the best bonus stats to level up for each character and how to change to classic music mode.

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