How to get Freebies in Super Mario RPG

How to get Freebies in Super Mario RPG
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23rd Nov 2023 14:08

Freebies can be very helpful when they show up in Super Mario RPG. If you're not sure how to get them, this guide aims to help you out.

I've received many Freebies in my playthrough of Super Mario RPG, but it's not immediately clear how or why they show up in the game. Here's everything we know!

How to get Freebies in Super Mario RPG

As far as we know, Freebies are totally random. Whenever you use an item there's a chance that you'll get a Freebie back in return.

Freebies can show up in any battle whenever you use an item. For example, if you use a Mushroom to restore your HP you might get one back. This seems to happen with any consumable items.

I wasn't able to confirm this, but it seems that the lower your items are the more likely it is you get a Freebie. This would ensure you don't run out of items so easily, but again, it's not 100% confirmed.

What are Freebies in Super Mario RPG?

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Freebies are essentially free items that you can get whenever you use an item yourself. It basically gives you another one of that item you just used (if you get lucky).

You'll get a prompt telling you that you've just found a Freebie whenever you get lucky enough to find one. There's not much you can do to increase your likelihood of finding Freebies though.

That's all the info we have about Freebies. It's a weird mechanic, but very helpful if you can get lucky!

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