How to get guns & ammo in Palworld

How to get guns & ammo in Palworld
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Coleman Hamstead


25th Jan 2024 10:35

Despite being heralded as 'Pokemon with guns', firearms are seemingly absent from Palworld - at least at the beginning of the game.

If you keep playing, you'll eventually unlock recipes for guns and ammo naturally, but you can start blasting Pals and NPCs earlier in your Palworld playthrough if you know what you're doing. With that, let's review all the different ways to get guns and ammo in the game!

How to get guns in Palworld

You can get guns in Palworld by unlocking gun blueprints to craft them, using gun schematics to craft them, or purchasing weapons from specific Merchants.

We've gone into more detail about each method of obtaining guns below:

1. Unlock gun blueprints in the Technology tab

The Single Shot Rifle blueprint in the Technology tab
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The most straightforward way is to unlock gun blueprints in the Technology tab and craft them at your base. However, this won't be possible until you reach Level 21. And if you're playing on Normal or Hard difficulty, it'll be a while before you earn enough EXP to get to this level.

The first gun blueprint you're able to unlock is for the Musket. To create a Musket, you're also going to need a Weapon Workbench, five High Quality Pal Oils, 30 Wood, and 25 Ingots. Here's a list of all the guns you can craft in Palworld and what level you can unlock their blueprints in the Technology tab:

  • Level 21: Musket
  • Level 25: Makeshift Handgun
  • Level 29: Handgun
  • Level 36: Single Shot Rifle
  • Level 39: Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Level 42: Pump Action Shotgun
  • Level 45: Assault Rifle
  • Level 49: Rocket Launcher

2. Craft with gun schematics

Finding a Handgun Schematic in Palworld
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Another way to get guns in Palworld is to find the appropriate schematics. One of the best places to find schematics for guns is at Wildlife Sanctuaries. You'll need a flying mount like a Nitewing or Vanwyrm to get there, but if you're lucky, you'll find a Handgun Schematic in one of the high-rarity Treasure Chests around these Points of Interest.

To actually craft the Handgun Schematic, you'll still need a Weapon Workbench. So, even if you find a gun schematic early in your playthrough, you won't be able to make it until at least Level 20.

3. Purchase guns from a Wandering Merchant

A Wandering Merchant selling a Makeshift Handgun in Palworld
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Lastly, you can purchase guns from select Wandering Merchants. This is the quickest way to get a functioning gun in Palworld, assuming you have the capital to afford it. 

The Wandering Merchant at Fisherman's Point on the beach south of Mount Obsidian stocks a Makeshift Handgun. You'll need 16,600 Gold Coins to fund the firearm, though, so you better start selling Pals!

How to get ammo in Palworld

Syndicate Thugs with guns in Palworld
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You can get ammo in many of the same ways you get guns in Palworld. Whenever you can unlock a blueprint for a gun in the Technology tab, you'll also be able to unlock the recipe for its ammo at the cost of additional Technology Points.

The same Wandering Merchant that sells the Makeshift Handgun sells ammunition, too. So, for even more Gold Coins, you can get Course Ammo, Handgun Ammo, Rifle Ammo, Shotgun Shells, and Assault Rifle Ammo!

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Finally, you can gather ammo by defeating Syndicate Thugs attempting to raid your base or other gun-wielding NPCs you find on Palworld's Palpagos Islands. These NPCs don't drop guns, but they do drop ammo.

That's all the different ways to get guns and ammo in Palworld. Of course, you can unleash the power of guns by utilising the Partner Skills of gun-using Pals like Lifmunk and Tanzee, but it's not the same as firing the bullets yourself.

Check out our Palworld homepage for more guides like this one! If you're short on supplies, we have guides on how to get Coal, Pal Fluids, Leather, Paldium Fragments, and more useful ingredients.

Coleman is a freelance journalist at GGRecon. While gaming has always been his passion, it wasn’t until he worked as a Sports Journalist at the Community College of Baltimore County that he found his enthusiasm for writing. In the time since Coleman has had his work featured in publications such as The Washington Post/Launcher and ESTNN. Coleman is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Sport Management and Business Administration.

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