How to defend your base from Raids in Palworld

How to defend your base from Raids in Palworld
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Issy van der Velde


1st Feb 2024 17:30


You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your Palworld base, and a few hours into your journey, others are going to want to take what you have by force.

It’s important you learn to defend your base from Raids, especially at lower levels when your structures are weak and easily destroyed. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to fix everything in the game.

Best layout to defend your Palworld base


The most basic forms of defence are large walls. They worked for ancient cities and they’ll work for you, too. These can either be used to defend your entire base, or just key work areas and structures. I prefer to have them Circle my whole base. Top tip: you can build walls outside the boundary of your base, so there’s no need to sacrifice space inside.


You should place traps inside your walls so that they won’t get triggered by random wild Pals. Bear Traps are good but costly. You’ll want to save your Ingots for more advanced weapons and Pal Spheres, so just use the Hanging Traps. I placed some just inside my gates. They’re cheap and effective, always snagging a few Raiders. All these traps break after a single use, making the Hanging Traps even better due to their low cost.

a closed gate, high walls, hanging traps, and sandbags in palworld
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Sandbags and Mounted Crossbows

Behind these traps you should put Sandbangs and Mounted Crossbows. You can assign your Pals to these structures so that they’ll stand guard and have some cover once the fighting starts. The Mounted Crossbow is a great tool for getting weaker Pals to be of use during a fight, too, and I’d recommend upgrading to these once you unlock them at level 26. 

How to defend your base with Pals

Good defences certainly help, but the only way to beat a Raid is to kill or capture all the Raiders. You can even catch humans in Pal Spheres, it’s pretty messed up. All the Pals in your base will automatically fight to defend it once enemies step into the base boundary—that’s the blue circle around your structures.

palworld player petting their foxparks, an orange foox with a firey tail
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When you get the notification a Raid is beginning, you could swap out all your worker Pals for more combat-ready ones. These could be a higher level, have better stats, and more combat-focused traits. So far, I’ve found my standard workers fight well enough, though.

The Pals on your team can also be used, so chuck one out and get stuck into the action yourself. I love using a Foxparks and its partner ability, Huggy Fire, to turn it into a flamethrower and scorch all my opponents before they can even step through the gates. 

How to defend your base with its location

mozzarina in a ranch next to a wall next to a lake
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You should use the terrain to your advantage. If your base has a river on one side and a lake on the other, you don’t need to build walls there as the environment offers enough protection.


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You could also build your base high up on a mountain or cliff so you can rain death from above as your foes clamber up toward you. If your base is all out in the open, you could always move it somewhere more secure.

Now that you’ve got a safe base to call your own, how about baking a cake and breeding some Pals? Or visit our Palworld homepage for even more guides like tips on how to level up fast.

Issy loves video games, his houseplants, and short author bios.

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