10 best Technology items to unlock first in Palworld

10 best Technology items to unlock first in Palworld
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Hritwik Raj


5th Feb 2024 13:35

If you're looking for the best Technology items to unlock first in Palworld, you've come to the right place.

As you may know, Technology and Ancient Technology are the two skill trees in Palworld, where you can unlock essentials to advance tools and equipment in the game using Technology and Ancient Technology Points.

But since there are more than 250 Technology items that you can unlock in the game, knowing about the most significant ones helps a lot. So keep reading this guide as I've listed the 10 best Technology items to unlock first in Palworld. 

NOTE: I haven't included things like the Palbox or the Primitive Workbench as they are mandatory, and you will have to craft them to progress your Palbox level.

Best Technology to unlock in Palworld

Palworld Technology list
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Here are the 10 best pieces of Technology that I'd recommend you unlock first in Palworld:

10. Base building items

The essential base-building items are the first things you must unlock from the Technology tree to start building your base to survive the cold, sleep to change the time, and store your loot. 

Wooden Structure Set

The Wooden Structure Set allows you to build wooden foundations, walls, ceilings, stairs, and other things required to get up your first base.

Wooden Chest

The Wooden Chest is one of the most essential items you can craft, as you have a limited inventory size with weight limits that can slow you down.


The Campfire is yet another essential base item that you need for cooking food and keeping the area warm.

9. Common Shield 

The Common Shield is a piece of Technology that will give you an extra layer of protection to survive the wilderness full of cultists and Pals who will try to kill you at first sight. I'm speaking from experience when I say that this comes in very handy during a tricky fight.

Even better, the Shield auto repairs when you're not taking damage. So, whenever your Shield is depleted, you can run around for a while, evading attacks, and within seconds, it will go back to 100%.

8. Normal Parachute 

The Normal Parachute is a piece of exploration equipment you'll want to unlock to travel faster, avoid fall damage, and glide across open areas. It's also a lot of fun to use!

7. Pal Gear Workbench 

The Pal Gear Workbench is one of the quest-associated pieces of Technology, but I've still listed it because you should have it unlocked and placed in your base as soon as possible.

The Pal Gear Workbench enables you to craft items that allow you to use Partner Skills, Saddles and Harnesses to mount Pals, and Necklaces to keep Pals by your side all the time. 

6. Foxparks' Harness 

Foxparks' Harness is an item that allows you to use Foxparks as a Flamethrower to attack enemies and inflict fire damage. Even though it has a cooldown period, this flamethrower partner skill will get you out of trouble in almost every case. 

5. Melpaca or Rushoar Saddle

Rushoar and Melpaca are the first two mounts in Palworld that you can ride once you have their Saddle crafted and the respective Pals captured. Rushoar is mainly used for farming ores and other resources more efficiently, while Melpaca makes travelling faster.

Melpaca in Palworld
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4. Repair Bench 

Almost every tool in Palworld has a Durability meter that depletes as you use them. To ensure you don't have to keep crafting and wasting resources on the same tools, craft the Repair Bench to repair damaged tools. 

3. Nitewing Saddle

Nitewing is the first flying mount whose Saddle becomes available in the Technology tree once you are level 15, which you can easily reach by capturing and defeating Pals or progressing the Palbox quests. 

2. Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator can be found in the Ancient Technology tree on Steam or the regular Technology tree on Xbox. Regardless of how you unlock it, you'll need it to incubate eggs to get Pals.

Since you can explore the entire map without progressing the game or your level, once you have a flying mount, you can go to high-level areas like the desert or the snowy biome and obtain Huge Eggs to get high-level Pals early in the game. 

1. Grappling Gun

The Grappling Gun is by far the best equipment you should unlock first in Palworld. During the early game, you won't have much stamina as most players use their stat points to increase Weight, Attack and Health attributes. This makes climbing mountains quite difficult.

But with the Grappling Gun, you can make traversal a lot easier, and even the basic one has a decent range and can be used to reach previously unreachable areas. 

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That concludes my guide on the 10 best Technology items to unlock first in Palworld. While you're here, check out how to fast travel, how to change difficulty settings, and the best starter Pals to catch in the early game

Hritwik has been writing about video games, manga, and anime for more than 8 years. Some of his favourite games include The Last of Us Part II, Fallout 76, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, and the Souls series.

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