How to get EXP & level up fast in Palworld

How to get EXP & level up fast in Palworld
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Daniel Megarry


24th Jan 2024 15:41

If you want to experience everything that Palworld has to offer, you're going to need to level up a fair few times - and farming EXP can help you get there much faster.

With a huge open world to explore and plenty of powerful bosses to take on, it can be tempting to rush out and do it all straight away. That's a surefire way to get yourself knocked out, though, so take a look at our tips for farming EXP and levelling up fast before you embark on your Palworld adventure.

Best ways to farm EXP in Palworld

1. Catch multiple Pals of the same species

Capture Bonus in Palworld
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It might seem obvious to point out that catching Pals will get you EXP, but did you know that there's a bonus for catching multiple Pals of the same species? This is an excellent way to level up fast in the early game, as you can simply run around the wilds catching Lamballs, Cattivas, and Chikipis for a hefty chunk of EXP.

The EXP bonus falls off after you've caught 10 of a specific species, so once you've hit that number you can move on to catching another type of Pal. If you're not sure how many you've caught of a specific species, you can keep track of this by checking an individual Pal's entry in the Paldeck.

2. Defeat powerful Alpha Pals

An Alpha Pal boss fight in Palworld
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You might have noticed some especially intimidating Pals roaming around the Palpagos Islands with big health bars that appear when you look at them. These are Alpha Pals, which are essentially the game's overworld boss fights. You can also spot these on the map when you get close enough to them.

Taking these Alpha Pals out will be far more difficult than defeating regular Pals, but the reward is a huge amount of EXP that will be a great help in your goal to level up. Even better, they respawn after a set amount of time, so you can use this farming method over and over again.

3. Explore and loot dungeons

A dungeon cave in Palworld
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Venturing into dungeons, which appear as caves in Palworld, is an excellent way to earn EXP. Not only are they filled with high-tier loot and strong enemies to defeat, but each one will end with an encounter with an Alpha Boss like the ones we mentioned previously. You know what that means? Big EXP blowout!

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It can be difficult to find dungeons, as they appear in the overworld for a set amount of time and disappear once the timer expires, so you might need to do some hunting to find one. They also pose a big challenge, so you'll need to come stocked with healing items and powerful Pals - but it's worth the effort for the rewards.

4. Change your world settings

The EXP Rate option in Palworld's World Settings
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If you're looking for a get-rich-quick approach to levelling up in Palworld, you can actually change the amount of EXP you'll earn in the game by visiting the World Settings before launching into your save file. Click on 'Custom Settings' under the Difficulty tab and increase the EXP Rate for a much faster way to level up.

This one might seem like cheating to some people, but hey, this is a game that lets you murder cute virtual creatures with your bare hands or sell them on the black market. Morals aren't a high priority in Palworld.

That's everything you need to know about levelling up fast! Visit our Palworld homepage for more guides like the best starter Pals, how to get Ancient Technology Points, and whether there are Shinies.

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