How to get coal in Palworld & best farming location

How to get coal in Palworld & best farming location
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Hritwik Raj


24th Jan 2024 11:29

Coal is an important resource in Palworld that you'll need as fuel for your Improved Furnace to make Refined Ingot and other high-level materials for Palworld's late and end-game items.

However, similar to any other resources in the game, there are no details on how players can obtain coal. To ensure you don't waste your time searching, we're here with a handy guide on how to get coal in Palworld and tips on the best farming location.

Where to find coal in Palworld

Palworld Coal Location
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In Palworld, you can obtain coal from the black rock deposits in the desert biome. One of the best ways to get it early is by heading to the Twilight Dunes island, located northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. 

Once you're there, west of the Anubis boss, you'll find six or more coal deposits that you can mine using your hands, Pals, or (ideally) a Pickaxe to obtain coal.

Palworld Coal Deposits
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That being said, the eastern part of the map, where the main desert biome is located, also holds many coal deposits that you can mine. But for an expedition there, you must be at a high level and have clothes to survive the hot weather. 

Best farming location to get coal

Coal deposit locations Palworld
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The best location to farm coal in Palworld is the area marked in the above screenshot on Twilight Dunes island. Even though it is right next to the Anubis boss, the exact location of the coal deposits is safe, and they're all next to each other, making the coal farming process a lot more efficient.

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Now, when it comes to the best method of farming coal, I'd recommend setting up a camp at the coal deposit by placing a Pal Box there. Add Pals with Mining and Transporting work traits and you'll be stocked up on loads of coal before you know it!

That concludes our guide on how to get coal in Palworld. While you're here, check out how to fast travel, how to change difficulty settings, and the best starter Pals to catch in the early game

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