How to get Sulfur in Palworld & what it's used for

How to get Sulfur in Palworld & what it's used for
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5th Feb 2024 12:20


If you want to start using guns in Palworld, you're going to need Sulfur. This rare resource is integral to crafting ammunition, and without ammo, guns are pointless!

With that, let's review the best places to find one of the game's most valuable ingredients, Sulfur, and how to make use of it.

How to get Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur comes from yellow-coloured rocks, similar in shape and size to the nodes that contain Ore, Coal, and Pure Quartz. Of course, you can mine the Sulfur yourself with a pickaxe, but I've found that Pals with Mining as a Work Trait, like Digtoise, are even better at breaking apart Sulfur.

Mining Sulphur in Palworld
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Where to find Sulfur

My first encounter with Sulfur was at the Twilight Dunes. This desert area is northeast of Investigator's Fork and home to several nodes of Sulfur. There isn't as much Sulfur here as in other parts of the Palpagos Islands, but the Twilight Dunes are easy to get to and don't feature too many high-level Pals.

The main downside of mining Sulfur in the Twilight Dunes is that there aren't many Great Eagle Statues nearby to use for fast travelling. To counteract this issue, I'd recommend dumping Stat Points into Weight, emptying your inventory as much as possible, and bringing along a Pal like Cattiva that'll boost your carry capacity with its Partner Skill. Alternatively, you could build a base near a couple of Sulfur nodes in the Twilight Dunes!

Where to find Sulphur on the map in Palworld
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While you can find Sulfur in the Twilight Dunes, the absolute best place to collect Sulfur in Palworld is atop Mount Obsidian. The area surrounding the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance and the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre is teeming with Sulfur nodes. Furthermore, it's all right next to a Great Eagle Statue, so you can mine it and bring it right back to your base.

Prior to setting off for Mount Obsidian, though, make sure you have suitable gear with Fire Resistance, some first-rate Water-type Pals for defence, and a flying mount to make traversing the region easier.

Last, but not least, you can sometimes find Sulfur nodes in dungeons. So, before you enter a dungeon, bring a pickaxe with you and some inventory space to ensure you're able to mine it if you spot it!

What is Sulfur used for?

The recipe for Gunpowder in Palworld
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Sulfur is used exclusively to craft Gunpowder. At Level 21, you can unlock the blueprint for Gunpowder in the Technology tab, but to craft it, you need Charcoal, Sulfur, and a High Quality Workbench.

With Gunpowder, you can begin crafting ammunition of all types and start blasting Pals and Syndicate Thugs.

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That's the basics of farming Sulfur in Palworld. Now that you know where to find Sulfur, you can hoard it and use it to create Gunpowder!

For more Palworld guides, like how to get High Quality Pal Oil, check out our Palworld homepage at GGRecon!

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