How to get Pal Metal Ingot in Palworld & what it's used for

How to get Pal Metal Ingot in Palworld & what it's used for
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Hritwik Raj


5th Feb 2024 13:00


From high-level weapons like the Legendary Rocket Launcher to the Legendary Sphere in Palworld, you'll need Pal Metal Ingot as it's one of the primary components required for crafting them.

But since Palworld doesn't tell you how to find Pal Metal Ingot in the game, I'm here to help you. Keep reading to see the different ways to obtain this resource as well as the items you can craft using it. 

How to get Pal Metal Ingot

Electric Furnace Palworld
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In Palworld, the primary method of obtaining Pal Metal Ingot is via crafting. You can make Pal Metal Ingot using the Electric Furnace crafting station that becomes available at level 44

To unlock it, you need five Technology Points and the following materials:

  • Carbon Fiber x20
  • Polymer x20
  • Refined Ingot x50
  • Circuit Board x10

Once you have crafted yourself an Electric Furnace and have an Electric type Pal to power it up, you can use the following materials to craft Pal Metal Ingot:

  • Ore x4
  • Paldium Fragment x2

You can also get Pal Metal Ingot from capturing and defeating Pals like Astegon, Necromus, Paladius and Shadowbeak, but I'd recommend against doing that as these are high-level Pals and beating them is no easy task - especially if you're not strong enough yet.

The best thing about crafting Pal Metal Ingot is that both ingredients - Ore and Paldium Fragments - can be farmed using Pals by setting up a base near natural deposits that you find out in the wild.

All items you can craft using Pal Metal Ingot

Palworld Homing Sphere Launcher
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At the time of writing, there are five items that require Pal Metal Ingot as a crafting component:

Item Materials required
Homing Sphere Launcher 
Legendary Sphere 
  • Paldium Fragment x10

  • Cement x5

  • Pal Metal Ingot x5

  • Carbon Fiber x3

Legendary Rocket Launcher 
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x40

  • Pal Metal Ingot x505

  • Carbon Fiber x337

  • Polymer x202

Rocket Ammo 
  • Gunpowder x5

  • Pal Metal Ingot x1

Rocket Launcher 
  • Pal Metal Ingot x75

  • Carbon Fiber x50

  • Polymer x30

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That concludes this guide on how to get Pal Metal Ingot in Palworld. While you're here, check out how to fast travel, how to change difficulty settings, and the best starter Pals to catch in the early game

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