How to get & find Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld

How to get & find Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld
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Issy van der Velde


2nd Feb 2024 17:10


Catching Pals is the primary way you’ll level up in Palworld, but it can be tricky. The tougher Pals have low odds of being caught, even when you’ve whittled down their health and chucked a Giga Sphere at them.

One way to increase your odds is offering Lifmunk Effigies to Statues of Power, permanently improving your Capture Power. But, where can you find Lifmunk Effigies in the game

Where are Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld?

a lifmunk effigy glows at night under a blue glowing tree in palworld
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These small statues are often tucked away in little nooks and crannies or found near points of interest like Fast Travel points or ruined churches, but they’re absolutely everywhere.

You can find them on beaches, along riverbanks, and often right at the peak of mountains. If you just explore the Palpagos Islands, you’ll stumble upon plenty. Simple walk, ride, or fly up to one and press the interact button to obtain it. It’ll sit in the key items part of your inventory, so don’t panic if you don’t spot it in your regular tab.

What do Lifmunk Effigies do?

Once you’ve constructed a Statue of Power at your base you can offer Pal Souls – yikes – to power up your Pals, or Lifmunk Effigies to increase your own Capture Power, making it easier for you to catch stronger Pals.

Those extra percentage points really add up, so this is well worth doing, especially as it takes some time to unlock the best Spheres. You’ll need to offer more Lifmunk Effigies each time you increase your Capture Power, but luckily for you, I’ve discovered an easy way to find them.

How to find Lifmunk Effigies

spots of light seen from afar while riding a nitewing in palworld
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Those little pinpoints of light are all Lifmunk Effigies

You may be tempted to skip nighttime in the Palpagos Islands, but it’s actually the perfect time to go hunting for Lifmunk Effigies. Simply take to the skies on a Nitewing or any other flying Pal you’ve got a saddle for and scan the horizon for a bright glow. You’ll see plenty, and they’re all Lifmunk Effigies. Just fly over to them, pick them up, and repeat the process until morning comes.

This almost feels too good to be true, like an exploit, but I believe they’re easier to find when it’s dark to encourage exploration at night. You’ll stumble upon different sorts of Pals than you’d find in the day, so these Lifmunk Effigy scavenger hunts also double as rare Pal catching parties. 


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The only problem with this method is there’s no way to skip daytime and go straight to night, so you’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises. Since Palworld is an early access title, there’s a chance the luminosity of Lifmunk Effigies will be reduced in a future update, so get out there and get hunting ASAP.

If you’re bored of catching Pals, why not try breeding them instead? You’ll need a plentiful supply of cake, but we’ve got a guide for that, too. Alternatively, visit our Palworld homepage for even more news and guides.

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