Best base locations in Palworld

Best base locations in Palworld
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25th Jan 2024 15:13

Building a base in Palworld is a necessary task, but finding a perfect spot can be tricky. Thankfully, the game features a massive world, which means players have plenty of great locations to set up their Palworld base. 

Whether you're a beginner or you're just looking to make a move, you can check our list of the top five base locations to gain a significant advantage in Palworld. We’ve also explained the important factors to consider when choosing a base location in the game.

5 great base locations for Palworld beginners

Here’s a list of the best base locations in Palworld along with their co-ordinates:

  • Mount Obsidian (-540, -32)
  • Beach of Everlast Summer (-717, -444)
  • Fort Ruins (190, -383)
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins (272, -230)
  • Autumn Hills (10, -527)

As mentioned earlier, there are a few important factors that you should consider before setting up a base. First of all, the location should have a massive flat surface to build all the infrastructure. On top of that, the area must have plenty of essential resources nearby, such as wood, stone, ore, and sulfur.

Finally, make sure that you build your base at an elevated spot, which makes it raid-proof. Taking all these points into account, we've identified a few locations that match our criteria.

Mount Obsidian

Mount Obsidian Anubis statue Palworld
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Mount Obsidian is one of the best base locations in Palworld, situated at the very bottom left of the map near the Mount Obsidian Anubis statue (-540, -638).

Palworld Mount Obsidian
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First of all, there are plenty of flat surfaces here to build everything that you could ever need. The best part is that this location is filled to the brim with a lot of ore deposits, which is an essential resource in the game.

Beach of Everlast Summer

Beach of Everlast Summer Palworld
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The Beach of Everlast Summer is located close to the volcanic areas, specifically at -747, 444 coordinates. What makes this area so good is it boasts a massive amount of sulfur, a crucial component for making bullets.

Palworld Beach of Everlast Summer
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The place isn't too big, but you can put your base down, build up your second Palbox, and mine all the sulfur. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll run into various bosses near the volcanoes, so make sure to bring a Flying-type Pal to travel around easily.

Fort Ruins

Palworld Fort Ruins coordinates
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The next spot on the list is Fort Ruins, located at 190, -383 coordinates. Although it doesn't offer as much space as some of our other spots, the location features castle walls that surround you.

Palworld Fort Ruins base
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There's a built-in Watchtower, and you can build a staircase inside your fort for additional height advantage. This allows you to place defensive structures on the walls, offering protection against potential raids.

Marsh Island Church Ruins

Palworld Marsh Island Church Ruins coordinates
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The next base location is a raid-proof area that can be found at coordinates 272, -230. It’s positioned high on top of a hill, which adds a layer of difficulty for human raiders.

The surroundings offer lovely scenery, and you have the opportunity to mine a ton of coal and ore rocks below it. As a result, you’ll easily be able to obtain these two important materials in Palworld.

Autumn Hills

Palworld Autumn Hills coordinates
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Autumn Hills is located at coordinates 10, 527 on the map and is probably the best location in the game for base building.

Palworld Autumn Hills
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First of all, there's a perfectly flat area that's an ideal spot for building structures. However, what makes this place truly extraordinary is the abundance of ore right next to it, which means your base will have a constant supply of ore at your doorstep. Apart from this, the location offers a protective bridge and cliffs that shield you from raiders on almost all sides.

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