How to get Cake in Palworld

How to get Cake in Palworld
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Issy van der Velde


1st Feb 2024 15:25

Cake is a strangely complicated item to get in Palworld. You’ll have to be at least level 17 to do this, so if you’re not quite there yet, go out and catch some more Pals and take on some raid bosses.

Once you make a Cake, you’ll unlock one of the core features of the game.

What does Cake do in Palworld?

a mozzarina in a ranch in palworld
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Cake is an item that’s essential for breeding your Pals. Once you unlock the Breeding Farm at level 19, you can put any male and female Pal in there along with some Cake and they’ll pop out a new Pal Egg for you.

You can also eat Cake, but it’s really hard to make, so this would be a waste. Top tip: Cake doesn’t spoil like other food once it’s in the Breeding Farm box, so be sure to store it all there rather than in a Cooler Box.

How to make Cake in Palworld

a flying pal cooking cake in a cooking pot by breathing fire onto it
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To make Cake you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Flour
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Egg
  • 2 Honey

To get Flour, you need to process Wheat from a Wheat Plantation using a Mill. They’re both available at level 15. Red Berries you can forage or grow, same with Eggs. Milk and Honey are the hard parts – it turns out the Palpagos Islands are not the biblical Promised Land, as they do not flow with the stuff.

Milk can be obtained from hunting, catching, and farming Mozzarina, the big cow-like Pals found just to the west of the Ravine Entrance fast travel point (coordinates -66, -425). I found these things around level 20, and they hit surprisingly hard for what look to be docile cows, so make sure you’re well prepared. If you catch one and put it to work at your base Ranch, you’ll have a steady supply of the good stuff.

You can also go to the Wandering Merchant in Small Settlement (coordinates 74, -486) to buy Milk and Wheat.

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Honey is trickier to get. The first Pals I found that dropped it were Elizabee and Beegardes. These are powerful Pals, and the Beegardes will actually run up to you, circle you, and explode, dealing massive damage.

I’d recommended sending your most powerful Pal in to take down their health rapidly, and then chucking the best Pal Sphere you’ve got to try and catch them. Elizabee doesn’t explode, making it slightly less deadly, but it also doesn’t produce Honey on a farm, so Beegarde is your best bet.

a beegarde charging the player in palworld
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Elizabee and Beegarde can be found on the large island directly north of your spawn (coordinates 242, -249). You can also catch or hunt Cinnamoths on the island northwest of spawn (coordinates 71, -247) at the Hypocrite Hill fast travel point. These drop Honey, but also don’t farm it.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, simply make a Cooking Pot to unlock the recipe. This technology is available at level 17 and requires 20 Wood, 15 Ingots, and 3 Flame Organs to make. Once it’s constructed, select the Cake option and either cook it up yourself or let a Pal with Kindling do it for you. It takes a long time to make, so I’d recommend you pop an extra Kindling Pal or two in your base so that one is working on it around the clock.

Once it’s made, store it in a Cooling Box until you’ve built a Breeding Farm, and then transfer it to the box there where it will remain unspoilt forever. Just don’t be a weirdo and stick around while the Pals eat it. Give them some privacy.

Now that's out the way, how about taking on all of Palworld's bosses? We've got even more guides over on our Palworld homepage like the best starter Pals and the rarest Pals you can catch.

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