How to move your base in Palworld

How to move your base in Palworld
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29th Jan 2024 16:52

For most Pal Tamers, their journey in Palworld begins with a humble base in the Plateau of Beginnings. However, as you progress in Palworld, many Pal Tamers get an urge to move their base somewhere more remarkable and closer to precious resources and desirable Pals. If this applies to you, this primer details how to move your base in the game and how to build a brand-new base!

How to move your base

The warning you get before disassembling a Palbox in Palworld
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To move your base in Palworld, you must disassemble your existing base. To do this, disassemble your Palbox.

You can disassemble your Palbox by opening Build Mode, swapping to Disassembly Mode, and targeting your Palbox. Alternatively, you can open up the in-game map, hover your cursor over your base, and select the option to disassemble your Palbox.

When you try to disassemble your Palbox, you'll get a warning regarding the consequences of deconstructing your Palbox. Structures not placeable outside the base will be disassembled, but the remaining structures will remain as is. All Pals at the base will be transferred to your Palbox, so you won't lose any of your Pals. Lastly, once you decide to disassemble your Palbox, the decision is final!

If you decide to go forward with dismantling your Palbox, you can build a new Palbox wherever you want on the Palpagos Islands. Thankfully, you don't have to start completely fresh, as your Palbox Base Level doesn't get reset. The worst part will be trekking all the heavy items in your chests to your new base.

How to build another base

A Base Level 15 Palbox in Palworld
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While you can pack up and move your base, it's probably easier to just build another base. You won't lose any structures you've already built, and you won't have to go through the hassle of transferring all your stuff over to a new base without access to Fast Travel.

Upgrade your Base Level to 10, and you'll unlock the ability to construct a second Palbox. And at Base Level 15, you can have three bases!

If you keep your original base intact, you can revisit it whenever you'd like and effortlessly bring supplies over from that base to your brand-new base. Building a new base in Palworld is an opportunity to do things over without deleting your initial base.

So, that's how you move your base and build another base in Palworld. If you absolutely hate your first base, you can move it without much of an issue. Having said that, you can keep that base and simply build another base, too!

Not sure where to build your new base or what to put in it? Check out our Palworld homepage for guides on the best base locations and how to set up Egg Incubators, Breeding Farms, and Ore Farms!

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