How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld
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1st Feb 2024 17:13


Pure Quartz is a rare resource in Palworld, so you might not come across it for a long time if you don't know where to find it.

There are only a couple of ways to get this mineral in Palworld, neither of which is particularly easy. This primer details where to find and how to get one of the game's most valuable resources, Pure Quartz, and all the things you can use it for!

Where to find Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz nodes on the in-game map in Palworld
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Pure Quartz is prevalent in the Astral Mountains. You'll find nodes of Pure Quartz throughout this snow-covered biome, with mining sites surrounding both the Land of Absolute Zero and the Unthawable Lake.

How to get Pure Quartz

To get Pure Quartz, you must venture out to the Astral Mountains and mine it from nodes similar in appearance to coal and ore nodes, except crystalised and darker.

Don't forget a durable pickaxe, gear that provides resistance to cold weather, and an empty inventory! If you have any Pals with Level 3 Mining as a Work Trait, you can bring them to help you collect the Pure Quartz, too.

Pure Quartz in Palworld
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If you've been to the Astral Mountains before, you can fast-travel to the Land of Absolute Zero or the Unthawable Lake to quickly find Pure Quartz. However, if you haven't visited this region of the Palpagos Islands yet, you should consider using a flying mount to navigate your way there.

Once you're in the Astral Mountains, you'll find no shortage of Pure Quartz. Mine as much as you'd like, then bring it back to your base to craft with it. You can even set up shop and create a new base in the Astral Mountains if you're getting tired of going back and forth over and over.

Alternatively, select Pals drop Pure Quartz when defeated or caught, but it's not an efficient way to farm this precious ingredient. Astegon and Jetragon are the only Pals you can get Pure Quartz from out in the wild, and both are high-level, formidable foes. Frostallion Noct produces Pure Quartz, too, but this Pal is even harder to come by, as it requires that you breed a Frostallion and Helzephyr.

What is Pure Quartz used for?

How to craft Circuit Boards in Palworld
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The only thing Pure Quartz itself is good for is creating Circuit Boards, but Circuit Boards are a key ingredient in many Palworld recipes. You'll need Circuit Boards to craft electric-based appliances, furniture, and Assembly Lines, so it's a valuable resource!

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