Best Pals in Palworld for combat, exploration & production

Best Pals in Palworld for combat, exploration & production
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Issy van der Velde


12th Feb 2024 15:30

There are more than 130 Pals in Palworld, but not all of them were created equal - so here are the best Pals you need to be hunting down.

While you could quite comfortably build a decent base and explore the Palpagos Islands with just your favourites, for the toughest bosses in the game, you’ll need the strongest Pals on your team and working your production lines.

Best Pals for exploration and combat

palworld player fires a crossbow bolt at a jormuntide, a large, blue sea serpent
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The Palpagos Islands are huge and full of dangers, so it’s important you take Pals in your party that can help you explore the terrain and fight off strong monsters. Here are my recommendations:

Jetragon - Flying

While we all love the first Nitewing we caught for letting us soar the skies, Jetragon is the undisputed ruler of the heavens. This Dragon-type Pal is wicked fast and powerful to boot. You can only get this Legendary Pal by catching it at Mount Obsidian, -789, -321. Bring Ice-type Pals and lots of Legendary Spheres. 

You can only craft its saddle at level 50, so until then, I recommend using Quivern (which you can find a level 23 Alpha variant of at -264, -155) or Suzaku (found in the northern desert, anywhere from 511, 63 to 404, 256).

Paladius - Riding

Another Legendary Pal, Paladius is the best for riding due to its speed and ability to triple jump. This will make even scaling mountainous terrain simple. You can find Paladius in the northern desert at 447, 679, but be aware, they’re not alone. You’ll have to fight Necromus too, so bring a lot of tough Pals with you for this fight.

This is another end-game Pal, so until then, I’d honestly just suggest you stick with Eikthyrdeer. This early-game mount is incredibly easy to find and has great attack stats and level two Lumbering, making it a good Pal to put to work in your base, too.

Jormuntide - Water riding

If you want to sail the seven seas, Jormuntide is the Pal for you. This ancient-looking sea-serpent can be found at a lake southeast of Investigator’s Fork at -176, -266. It doesn’t lose stamina when you ride it in the water, making it perfect for exploring the surf around the Palpagos Islands.

This is the first Pal on this list that you can breed, and as the two mentioned above are level 45, I’d recommend taking the easy route instead. You can get Jormuntide by breeding Cinnamoth and Cryolinx; Cinnamoth and Orserk; Grizzbolt and Nitewing; Nitewing and Helzphyr; Mossanda and Helzphyr; Sweepa and Beakon; or Penking and Jetragon. The easiest combo here will be Nitewing and Grizzbolt.

Best Pals for bases and production

two red serpents, jormuntide ignis, as seen from the back of a flying pal, salzak
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Those little Lamball and crafty Cattiva aren’t going to be able to defend and run your base for long. It’s important you catch some skilled labourers to get to work for you. Here are my top choices:

Anubis - Handiwork

Anubis has level four Handiwork, making it perfect for putting to work on your production lines. It also has level two Transporting meaning it can move stuff around well, too. Level three Mining makes it great for an ore base if you’re lacking in that valuable resource.

You can find it in the Twilight Dunes at coordinates -134,-95, or breed it by giving a Quivern and Chillet some alone time.

Jormuntide Ignis - Kindling

The fiery counterpart to the aquatic Jormuntide, the Ignis variant has level four Kindling, the only Pal to start with it. Kindling is also its only skill, meaning it won’t get distracted by other tasks at your base. You can find this beast in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary 2, -666, -103.

Orserk - Generating Electricity

I’m not going to lie, I still use a Jolthog in my base – I just love the little hedgehog. But the best Pal for keeping the lights on is Orserk, found in No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, 654, 626. This also has Handiwork level two, so it can get to work on the assembly lines after firing up your generators.

I didn’t spot this Pal on my first trip here, so you may have to visit a few times to get it to spawn, but it’s worth it.

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