How to reset your stats in Palworld

How to reset your stats in Palworld
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2nd Feb 2024 17:15

Palworld, the popular survival and crafting game, has RPG elements, too, like stats. Every time you level up in Palworld, you can allot stats to Health, Stamina, Attack, Defence, Work Speed, and Weight.

Once you lock in your choices, though, there are no take-backs, and you're stuck with your decisions unless you can get your hands on a particular potion that erases your memories when you drink it!

This primer details step-by-step how to reset your stats in the monster-taming game that's dominating 2024.

How to reset your stats in Palworld

To reset your stats in Palworld, you need Memory Wiping Medicine. However, this potent potion is hard to come by!

Memory Wiping Medicine in Palworld
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To create Memory Wiping Medicine, you must first get to Level 43 and unlock the Electric Medicine Workbench in the Technology tab. To craft the Electric Medicine Workbench, you'll need 40 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, and 20 Carbon Fiber. Furthermore, you'll need a Power Generator to power the Electric Medicine Workbench and Electric Pals at your base to generate electricity for the Power Generator.

With a functioning Electric Medicine Workbench, you can queue up Memory Wiping Medicine, but it won't be cheap to craft! Concocting Memory Wiping Medicine requires a slew of ingredients. The recipe calls for 99 Beautiful Flowers, 50 Horns, 50 Bones, and 50 Pal Fluids.

Finally, after you amass all the proper ingredients for a Memory Wiping Medicine, deploy a Pal with the Medicine Production Work Trait to prepare it.

Alternatively, you can occasionally find Memory Weapon Medicine in Treasure Chests around the Palpagos Islands. But if you aren't lucky, the earliest you can get Memory Wiping Medicine is at Level 43 with the Electric Medicine Workbench.

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Drinking Memory Wiping Medicine will refund your Stat Points to your character, completely resetting all your stats. To redistribute your Stat Points, navigate to your inventory and select Enhance Stats. 

That's how you reset your stats and respec in Palworld! Unless you get very lucky, you won't be able to reset your stats until deep in your Palworld playthrough. So, if you think your poorly allocated stats are holding you back, you may want to consider making an entirely new character if you aren't anywhere close to Level 43. Or you could always just change your difficulty settings and make it easier to get EXP!

Stay tuned to our Palworld homepage at GGRecon for a steady stream of Palworld content, like the best places to build your base or the best starter Pals to catch if you're still in the early game.

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