All Palworld difficulty settings & how to change them explained

All Palworld difficulty settings & how to change them explained
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Morgan Truder


19th Jan 2024 13:45

Palworld has arrived in early access and one of the first things you'll need to do when starting is see what difficulty settings are best for you. Not only will we explain all the different options on offer, but also how you can change them after you’ve chosen. 

The game is all about catching animals, called Pals, in the wild and using them to help you survive in the world. You will have to contend with the cold, hostile Pals, hunger, and more but if you don’t want it to be too challenging you can always pop it on an easier difficulty. 

Difficulty settings explained in Palworld 

Palworld has three different difficulty settings to choose between, which we've explained below:

  • Casual: This difficulty is very much what it says on the tin with more of a focus on the exploration, catching Pals, and base-building elements of the game as opposed to survival. When you die, you keep all of your gear on you as well - something unique to this difficulty
  • Normal: A balanced difficulty that isn’t going to be too hard, but will still offer a challenge balancing the different survival aspects. When you die, you will drop your items and have to go back to retrieve them once you respawn
  • Hard: If you're a die-hard survival game fan, this will be the difficulty mode for you. Not only is everything more challenging, but when you die, you will lose all of your items and all of your Pals

Palworld custom difficulty
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Alternatively, there is also a Custom option so you can tweak different parts of the game, making some things as easy or challenging as possible.

For example, you could make it easier to catch Pals but make how quickly their health regenerates slower. There are plenty of different options for you to play around with and get the settings just right for you. 

How to change difficulty in Palworld

Palworld how to change difficulty
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You can’t change the difficulty of your world while you’re in it, so if you do want to take things down a notch then you'll have to quit out of the main menu and re-enter your world.

Here's how to change the difficulty settings in Palworld: 

  • Before entering the world go down to Change World Settings
  • Select this option 
  • Now scroll down to the Difficulty Options where you can tweak the slider 
  • If you wish to customise them go to Custom Difficulty that’s one lower

That's all you need to know about changing the difficulty in Palworld. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our Palworld homepage where we have already covered the system requirements you will need, if the game is on Game Pass, and more.

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