Where to find Honey in Palworld

Where to find Honey in Palworld
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5th Feb 2024 11:09

As you progress in Palworld, you're going to want to start breeding Pals, but you can't do that without Honey!

Honey is a precious consumable in Palworld, but you'll need to be deliberate about acquiring it. This primer details exactly where to find and how to get Honey in the popular monster-taming game from Pocketpair.

How to get Honey in Palworld

A Beegarde grazing in Palworld
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To get Honey in Palworld, you must kill or capture Pals that drop Honey. Elizabee and Beegarde produce Honey, obviously, but you can get Honey from Cinnamoth and Warsect, too. 

Of the Pals that drop Honey, Cinnamoth is the easiest to find and defeat. The Moonless Shore, specifically the Cinnamoth Forest, is jam-packed with Cinnamoth. These Pals won't put up much of a fight, but they are one of the few sources of Honey in Palworld.

Sure, you can stock up on Honey by slaying Cinnamoth, but there's a way to generate Honey in perpetuity at your base! If you can manage to capture a Beegarde in the Verdant Brook, you can assign it to your base, and it'll produce an endless supply of Honey. Simply appoint Beegarde to a Ranch, and its Farming Work Trait combined with its Worker Bee Partner Skill will ensure you always have Honey when you need it.

What is Honey used for?

Cake in Palworld
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Honey is a key ingredient in Cake, probably the most important dish in all of Palworld. Without it, you can't breed Pals! You'll also need a Cooking Pot, Flour, Red Berries, Milk, and Eggs to make Cake, of course, but Honey is one of the more difficult ingredients on the list to come by.

Put your freshly baked Cakes in the box at your Breeding Farm to encourage your Pals to start mating and laying eggs. Or, if your Pal Tamer or one of your Pals is hungry, Cake is a tasty treat!

That's the basics of Honey in Palworld. Breeding Pals is a core feature of Palworld, and if you want to participate, you'll need to accumulate some Honey.

Honey isn't the only valuable resource in Palworld. Check out our Palworld homepage for guides on how to get Ore, Coal, Pure Quartz, and more!

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