All Lies of P English voice actors: Full cast list so far

All Lies of P English voice actors: Full cast list so far
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14th Sep 2023 17:14

Lies of P is finally here, and the beautifully atmospheric game, sounds great, too, thanks to the Lies of P voice cast.

With alumni from TV shows, games, and more, there are plenty of familiar faces (and voices) to keep an ear out for. Here's the Lies of P voice cast that bring its brutal world to life.

Lies of P voice cast

The Lies of P main voice cast includes actors from Horizon Zero Dawn and Cyberpunk 2077
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As of the time of writing, we know of five Lies of P voice cast members. They include the following:

  • Anthony Howell as Gepetto
  • Allegra Marland as Sophia
  • Gregg Lowe as the Battle Maniac
  • Shai Matheson as Venigni 
  • Sofia Jin as Eugenie 
  • Annette Badland as Antonia
  • Matt Rippy as Simon Manus

What are these actors known for?

Everybody 1 2 Switch and Lies of P share a voice actor
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Some of these cast members are well-known across film, TV, and video games. Anthony Howell is becoming a video game regular, appearing as Elden Ring's Margit and Morgott, as well as Laurent in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, The Monitor in Anthem (remember Anthem?), and, coincidentally, the Puppeteer in the Demon's Souls remake.

Allegra Marland has portrayed Carolyn Pride in the well-renowned The Crown Netflix series. She's also played as Millicent in Elden Ring

Meanwhile, Gregg Lowe has been Vergil in the mobile entry of the Devil May Cry series, Peak of Combat, Abas in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ink in X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

Next, Shai Matheson has voiced L'ubor in Final Fantasy XVI, the main character of Harvestella, and Teddy in Cyberpunk 2077. He's also been Horace the Host Horse in Everybody 1-2 Switch! regrettably.

Annette Badland plays Antonia, one of Pinocchio's allies, and the actress is well known for appearances as Mae the Landlady in Ted Lasso, as well as plenty more.

Matt Rippy portrays Simon Manus, who has appeared in Netflix's Gloria, Torchwood, and had parts in Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight.

Lastly, there's Sofia Jin, who plays Eugenie. She's fairly new to the scene. She's played Eva in Otter Dynasty, but that's it. It seems like this is her first video game role. 

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