Should you sell or save Rare Ergo in Lies of P?

Should you sell or save Rare Ergo in Lies of P?
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18th Sep 2023 13:01

In Lies of P, you may be wondering whether or not to save or sell the Rare Ergo that you have accumulated throughout the game, so we’re here to lend you a helping hand.

As with many Soulslikes like Lies of P, you’ll accumulate various items you can sell to acquire the equivalent of levels to spend on upgrading yourself or purchasing consumables and other such items.

So, we’re here to find out if you should be selling your Rare Ergo in the game, or holding out for an even greater reward – so read on to find out.

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SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

What is Rare Ergo in Lies of P?

A description of Rare Ergo in Lies of P
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In Lies of P, Rare Ergo is one of the more significant rewards you will receive from beating a major boss. For example, you will receive the Parade Master’s Ergo after defeating that boss.

This is a valuable item, as you only get it from the major boss battles. So, the question remains, what should you be doing with it? Well, keep on reading to find out your options.

Should you save or sell Rare Ergo in Lies of P?

Alidoro the treasure hunter who wants your Rare Ergo in Lies of P
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While strictly speaking, you can sell or use your Rare Ergo immediately for a short-term gain, in the long run, you may be better off saving it. We’ve detailed your options below:

  • If you sell Rare Ergo, you will get 5000 Ergo to spend on anything from levels to consumables and more.
  • If you save Rare Ergo, you can use it to get rare weapons and amulets from Alidoro.

Alidoro is a dog-faced treasure hunter who can take the Rare Ergo you collect from significant boss encounters, and use it to create rare weapons and items that cannot be obtained any other way in the game.

When you first meet Alidoro in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, he’ll be seeking out a safe haven. While you could lie and send him to Venigni Works, your best bet is to send him to Hotel Krat, where he will remain.

Once you have sent him there, you will be able to use your Rare Ergo for an assortment of rare weapons and amulets… assuming you haven’t used them up already.

That’s everything you need to know about Rare Ergo in Lies of P. With this, you’ll be levelling up to your strongest potential, and beating bosses like the Scrapped Watchman in no time.

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