How to farm Ergo in Lies of P

How to farm Ergo in Lies of P
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8th Sep 2023 12:52

Simultaneously serving as experience points and currency, players will quickly wonder if there's a method to farming Ergo in Lies of P to level up and buy items fast.

Essential to acquiring stat upgrades, along with new weapons and items for Pinocchio to wield, the secret on how to farm Ergo is relatively straightforward once you realize what to do. 

So, let's get into everything there is to know in Lies of P about farming Ergo to boost your skill levels as fast as possible in the game.

Level up & buy items quickly to farm Ergo

The best early method for farming Ergo in Lies of P is simply by clearing out an area of enemies, using the nearest Stargazer to make them respawn, and then repeating the same process.

The Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer, which you can use for farming Ergo in Lies of P
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Specifically, the first Stargazer to do this with ideally is that of Krat Central Station Plaza, the first one you find after leaving the station.

After using the Stargazer, proceed with killing every enemy between there and Cerasani Alley where you can find the Wandering Merchant, the first merchant you can buy items from shortly before the Parade Master boss fight.

If you wish, turn back around to the Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer to restore your health, respawn all enemies again, and kill them all once more walking back to Cersani Alley - granting you approximately 1700-2000 Ergo with each sweep. That's in addition to any Ergo Fragments enemies can drop for an additional 100 or 300 Ergo each.

If you happen to get killed by accident, don't worry, as you'll respawn by whichever Stargazer you used last and can reacquire the Ergo you lost - called "Death Ergo" by going back to the spot where you died.  

Once you've had your fill of Ergo farming in Lies of P, you can use either Stargazer to level up and spend Ergo on new skills - or talk to the Wandering Merchant to buy extra weapons or consumables like Fable Catalysts, Throwing Cells, or Electric Blitz Abrasives, all of which will help with the Parade Master boss fight if you haven't beaten it already. 

However, if you've already reached Hotel Krat, keep in mind that you can only spend Ergo and level up by talking to Sophia from that point. 

With that, you now have everything you need to know about farming Ergo in Lies of P - so you can level up and buy items fast early in the game. 

Once you're ready for the first boss fight, find out how to beat Parade Master in Lies of P. For all other guides, be sure to check out our Lies of P homepage at GGRecon. 

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