Lies of P Quality vs Performance mode: Which graphics mode is best?

Lies of P Quality vs Performance mode: Which graphics mode is best?
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6th Sep 2023 15:40


As players jump into the game whether via the demo or the full release, more may struggle with the Lies of P Quality vs Performance mode comparison - deciding which graphics mode on console is best between one with a higher resolution or FPS. 

Although a simple choice for some, there are a few factors to consider if you want the ideal graphics mode to best fit your preference when playing the game. So, let's get into which graphics mode is best when coming the Lies of P Quality and Performance modes. 

PS5 & Xbox Series X: Which Lies of P graphics mode is best?

Combat in Lies of P, where the Performance mode is the best graphics mode
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If playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X, the best Lies of P graphics mode is the Performance mode - called "Performance-centred mode" which prioritises frame rate optimisation - over the Quality mode which favours high resolution. 

This is because when exploring and engaging in combat in the city of Krat, the targetted 60FPS in Performance mode makes for a much smoother experience in gameplay.

What's more, the higher frame rate in Performance mode also promotes better competency for the player in general - with the more sleek movement of enemies giving the opportunity for improved timings on dodging or achieving a Perfect Guard. 

However, the best graphics mode in Lies of P for you may be different to fit your playstyle. To clarify, the performance specifications for each Lies of P graphics mode are as follows: 

Graphics mode Resolution FPS (Frame rate)
Performance-centred 2160p (Upscaled from 1080p native resolution) Target 60FPS
Quality-centred 2160p (Upscaled from 1440p native resolution) Target 30FPS
Quality-centred (with High Frame Rate Mode enabled) - 120Hz displays only 2160p (Upscaled from 1440p native resolution)  Target 40FPS

How does Lies of P Quality mode compare to Performance mode?

Exploring Krat as Pinocchio in Lies of P
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Although the same resolution on paper post-upscaling, the higher native resolution of the Lies of P Quality mode boasts enhanced visuals in the form of improved reflections, shadows, lighting, and draw distance - which is great if you prefer more dazzling displays.

On the other hand, the gameplay experience base Quality-centred mode is far more sluggish when compared to Life of P's Performance mode. From the camera panning and sword swinging to even to fall of raindrops, the overall feel of the FPS in the Quality mode does feel like it's chugging along if those traits are noticeable to you. 

Enabling High Frame Rate Mode does offset that gripe to an extent with the upgraded visuals of Quality Mode intact, but the higher-targetted 60FPS of Performance-centred Mode does make for more polished gameplay altogether - despite there being some minor drops when in combat as shown in a performance test by Danial ZH on YouTube.

Xbox Series S, PS4 & Xbox One Lies of P graphics modes

A fight in Lies of P, where Performance mode is the best graphics mode
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Compared to high-spec current-gen systems, there is only one Lies of P graphics mode on Xbox Series S, PS4, and Xbox One platforms - the resolution and FPS for each being as follows:

Platform Resolution FPS (Frame rate)
Xbox Series S 1440p (upscaled from 972p native resolution) Target 60FPS
PS4 Pro 1140p Target 50FPS
PS4 1080p Target 40FPS
Xbox One 1080p Target 40FPS

That's everything you need to know about the best Lies of P graphics mode with a Quality and Resolution vs Performance mode comparison.

To be ready once you've started playing, also check out how to beat Parade Master, the game's first major boss. For even more Lies of P guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.  

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