How to find & beat the Parade Master in the Lies of P

How to find & beat the Parade Master in the Lies of P
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12th Jun 2023 11:19


In Lies of P, you will come across many a formidable foe and perplexing puppet looking to stifle your progress, and one of which is the Parade Master, who is the toughest enemy you will face in the demo.

Where can you find the Parade Master?

The Parade Master is a boss you will find toward the end of the Lies of P demo and can be found in the area where the Krat Festival has set up shop.

P fighting the Parade Master and repairing his weapon in Lies of P
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After manoeuvring your way through the rain and blood-covered streets and this twisted circus, you’ll come face to face with this hulking behemoth.

The ringleader of the stage, the Lies of P Parade Master is the largest foe you’ve faced so far and will prove a formidable adversary if you haven’t mastered your Combat Style.

How to beat Parade Master

To beat the Parade Master in Lies of P, you’re going to have to be quick on your feet and time your dodges carefully.

The Parade Master has a great many attacks that can easily flatten you. However, it can be quite slow as it prepares to unleash them. These are your windows to make your move.

If you’ve opted for the more power-heavy Path of the Sweeper, your attacks will deal significantly more damage, but you’ll have to be sure to back away more often as it prepares to attack.

If you’ve opted for the more stamina-heavy Path of the Bastard, you’ll be able to pepper it with attacks. But just be careful of its attacks with a bigger range, as they will hit harder owing to your lower defence.

After dealing enough damage, the Parade Master enters its second phase. It will become so enraged that it will tear off its head and use it as a weapon to try and beat you down.

The Parade Master in his second phase form in Lies of P
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In doing this, the Parade Master gains a little more range and a slightly altered move set. Think Amygdala tearing off its arms in Bloodborne in a last-ditch effort to take you down.

Don’t let this display of brutality intimidate you, however. Continue to time your dodges carefully and guard when necessary, and the Parade Master will be defeated in no time.

Rewards for beating Parade Master

For beating the Parade Master in Lies of P, you will receive the Parade Leader's Ergo (this game’s equivalent of a Boss Soul) and some Quartz, which can be used in a workshop to unlock some new abilities.

Image shows the Parade Leader's Ergo and Quartz rewards for beating the boss in Lies of P
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