How many big is the download size of Lies of P?

How many big is the download size of Lies of P?
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7th Sep 2023 09:32


Since anticipation is building closer to its release, knowing the Lies of P download size is a priority for many soon-to-be players waiting to install the same. Despite likely not being the largest game to ever fill a console or PC's storage, making sure you've got the right amount of GB of free storage is still an important task as any for a new release.

Let's dive right into the Lies of P download size, including exactly how many GB you'll need to download to play.

How many GB is the soulslike game?

The Lies of P download size is 36GB on Xbox Series X|S, as confirmed on the game's Xbox page.

Although likely to be approximately the same size, we won't know the exact download size for Lies of P on PS4 and PS5 until the game can be installed on those consoles. 

When can players preload Lies of P? 

Thankfully for some players, you can preload Lies of P right now on Xbox platforms after pre-ordering the game digitally. For PS4 and PS5 owners won't be able to preload Lies of P until Sunday, 17 September 2023 - two days before the game's release.

How many GB does Lies of P need on PC?

Whilst the exact download size to install Lies of PC isn't yet known, the game's system requirements show that you will need at least 50GB of available space available on their systems. We will update this guide as soon as we are made aware of an exact file size. 

That's everything you need to know for now about the Lies of P download size, how many GB you'll need to install the game, and if and when you can preload the soulslike title. 

To be ready once you've started playing, also check out how to beat Parade Master, the game's first major boss. For even more Lies of P guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.  

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