Warframe Neurodes: How To Farm Neurodes

Warframe Neurodes: How To Farm Neurodes
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19th Apr 2022 16:37

The Warframe Neurodes are one of the most important resources in the game and something that all players should make sure they are stocked up on. A large part of Warframe's game loop is farming resources used for crafting and increasing your power, so if you need to know the best ways to get the Warframe Neurodes, we've got you covered. 

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Warframe Neurodes: What Are Neurodes?

Warframe Neurodes
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Neurodes are a rare crafting resource that is used to craft items like Forma, Orokin Reactors, alternative helmets, Prime Warframes, and much more. Due to their common use in crafting, it's one of the most important resources in the game, however it cannot be traded. They are available from the market for 10 Platinum per Neurode, and a blueprint for crafting them can be bought for 100 Platinum. 

To craft them, you require 15,000 credits, 50,000 Alloy Plates, 50,000 Nano Spores, and 25,000 Salvage, with a total manufacturing time of one hour, but this can be skipped with two Platinum. We would recommend farming them over purchasing or crafting them due to the costs associated. 

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Warframe Neurodes: How To Farm Neurodes?

Warframe Neurodes farm
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Luckily there are many areas where players can farm a solid amount of Neurodes. One of the more consistent and easier methods is by farming the Neuroptic Masses which are located on Earth in areas like the Plains of Eidolon. You can just destroy these creatures to break them open and find a few Neurodes. 

The Orikin Derelict tileset Survival missions are another way you can earn them consistently as they have a higher chance of spawning, though this is harder for new players. Orikin Derelict Assassinate is a mission where you can frequently earn three or four after defeating the boss. The Eris Survival and Defence missions are also great choices, though you'll likely yield less than from Orikin Derelict missions. 


Another difficult way to gain them is by taking part in the Tycho Survival mission. For players with better gear, this shouldn't be too much trouble. You'll need to let the Occulysts enemies spawn up and call in the Battalysts and Conculysts, who have a high chance of dropping Neurodes when killed. 

That's all for our breakdown of how to farm the Warframe Neurodes, and now you know what they are used for and some locations where they are frequent.

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