Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Detailed

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Detailed
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2nd Aug 2021 17:12

The Apex Legends patch notes for season 10 are finally here, just as we prepare to enter the newest season of Apex Legends. The Apex Legends patch notes have disappointed a lot of players already that have been begging for some big buffs and nerfs, but there’s a lot of new content coming to the game in Apex Legends season 10, and these notes are proof.

Here’s everything that’s changing in the game at the start of season 10 with the Apex Legends patch notes.

Apex Legends Patch Notes New Legend

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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We’ve seen plenty now of Apex Legends Seer, but we now have the official details of his abilities that put his microdrones to good use.

His passive ability, the Heart Seeker, allows Seer to visualise and hear nearby heartbeats within a certain radius while aiming down sights. It also allows him to ADS without a weapon.

His Focus of Attention Tactical summons microdrones to emit a blast that interrupts actions and reveals enemy locations and health bars.

His ultimate ability, Exhibit, deploys a sphere of microdrones that reveals the footsteps of enemies moving quickly and firing weapons inside. 

He’s also a recon character, meaning he can scan survey beacons to reveal the location of the next ring.

Apex Legends Patch Notes World’s Edge Map Update

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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Months of brutal mining from the Harvester has opened a deep crack in World’s Edge, leading to catastrophic damage across the map. There’s new POIs, new modes of transport, and a whole new way to experience Apex Legends in the new map update. 

Here’s everything that’s changed in World’s Edge.

Apex Legends Patch Notes New Weapon

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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The new LMG is a real beast. The Rampage is high-powered with a slow fire-rate, but with massive damage output. The fire rate can be increased by inserting a thermite grenade, making it something that can do some serious damage.

It has some incredible potential, even being powerful enough to destroy doors, so it’s interesting to see what this gun will do to the meta of the game.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Ranked Arenas

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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Finally, after begging from fans began upon the game mode’s release, we’re finally getting ranked Arenas. Start with 10 placement matches to test your mettle that will determine your starting rank, and jump back into the familiar mode with a seriously competitive twist.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Quality Of Life Updates

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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Here’s all of the minor updates coming to the game to make your gameplay just a little bit smoother:

  • A new ‘Win Streak’ badge has been added, giving you new badges to add to your card after grabbing 2, 3, 4 and 5 wins in a row.
  • A ‘hold on’ response has been added for enemy pings.
  • A distinct sound effect has been added for a Gold Backpack revive.
  • The heirloom store has been updated to better display of all related items.
  • The Open Pack button has been updated to show how many packs of each type are available to open, and shows a complete breakdown when you hover over it.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Buffs And Nerfs

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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Here we go. What is most important to many players is the buffs and nerfs that legends will be getting, and season 10 has a lot to offer. Here’s every legend change coming in the new season:

  • Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate has been buffed to allow all enemies being caught in the ring of fire to be revealed to their team. His knuckle cluster’s explosion duration has increased by 100%, and his Grenadier passive can be toggled on or off depending on player preference.
  • Horizon’s Black Hole has been nerfed, reducing the slow after its initial pull. But, her gravity lift-up speed has been brought up to 9.1, a medium between what it was and how it was during the Legacy update.
  • Revenant’s Death Totem has had some changes - there’s now a visual and audio cue when it is about to end that can be seen and heard by other players, and a brief slow has been added after being recalled to the totem.
  • Caustic’s gas damage now begins at 5 and increased by 1 every other tick indefinitely, meaning there’s no limit to how intense it can become. His tactical cool-down has been reduced to 20 seconds, and his ultimate cooldown has been reduced to 3 minutes. However, it now only lasts for 15 seconds.

Plus, there are a few changes to abilities for Arenas too. Horizon’s Gravity Lift’s starting charges have been reduced from 2 to 1, while Mirage’s Psyche Out and Bloodhound’s free scans in Beast of the Hunt form have come down from 3 to 2.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Weapon Meta

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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The weapons of Apex Legends are set to change a lot this update, not only bringing new changes to weapon rotations, but also to attachments. Here’s how it works -

  • The Prowler is now back in floor loot, and the Spitfire will be taking its place in loot boxes, joined also by the Alternator.
  • The Boosted Loader hop up for the Hemlok and Wingman allows reloading speed to be increased if reloading before the clip is empty, and gives extra rounds. But, to make room for it, the Anvil Reciever and Quickdraw Holster are entering the vault.
  • The Fully Kitted rotation has changed, adding the Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline and Charge Rifle, but removing the Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock and Sentinel.
  • Reload speed increases that would usually come with new magazines are now switched to stocks. Marksman weapons now take Sniper stocks, and they’ll also provide increased stability and sway reductions with slightly reduced handling bonuses.
  • The L-Star now takes energy magazines that allow it to fire for longer before cooldown, and allows the cool-off to build slightly faster. They also take barrels for recoil reduction, have a new reduced VFX scale, have had an animation change when being hit in first person, and has had a hipfire spread increase.
  • The headshot multiplier of all LMGs has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.75, but the limb shot multiplier has increased to 0.85.
  • The handling time of all pistols has been reduced by 10%, but have had their handling improved.

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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  • The Prowler’s burst has increased from 0.2 to 0.24.
  • The Spitfire’s damage has increased from 18 to 19, with hipfire increased and a purple mag size increase, to 55.
  • Disruptor rounds have been reintroduced to the Alternator, increasing shield damage by 40%.
  • The 30-30 Repeater has had a reload speed increase from stocks.
  • The EVA-8’s bolt fire scaling has been significantly reduced.
  • Plus, for almost every weapon, there has been a change in price for the Arenas game mode. You can see every new price change here.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Bug Fixes

Apex Legends Patch Notes
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Finally, there is of course, a lot of bug fixes. As is often the case with big updates like this, there are a lot of bugs that have been ironed out - you can check out every remaining minor detail on the Apex Legends website.

That’s everything coming to Apex Legends in season 10, and already, it’s looking to be a pretty stacked season. We can’t wait to dive in and do some serious damage.

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