Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 10

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 10
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19th Jul 2021 16:54

In many ways, Apex Legends has already given us enough content to keep us busy until its life comes to an end. The slew of maps, legends, game modes and cosmetics are impressive by any standard for those games in the modern battle-pass-based battle royale title. But, the goodies just keep coming.

The game is set to enter its tenth season very soon, and if the game’s track record is anything to go by, it could be the best yet. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season…

When Does Apex Legends Season 10 Start?

Based on the end date of Season 9, Season 10 of Apex Legends is set to begin on August 3. There could yet be some goodies pertaining to the current season to come, but until we hear more, let’s assume it’s coming on this date.

Who Is Apex Legends’ Season 10’s New Legend?

What's Coming In Apex Legends Season 10?
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The new legend, presumed to be arriving in season 10, is yet to be announced, however, a new video has teased the existence of a new character. The tortured Obi is set to join the lore of Apex Legends.

The character has been leaked and is confirmed to be coming in season 10, bringing his exciting microdrones with him.

How Are Apex Legends’ Characters Changing In Season 10?

What's Coming In Apex Legends Season 10?
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There’s not a lot of information we can infer from leaks as to what changes are coming to the legends of the game in season 10, but Rampart is set to receive some kind of change during the season. During a Reddit AMA with some of Respawn’s developers, they announced that a “spicy” buff would be coming to Rampart’s character, with no real details as to what that means for her yet.

Whatever the buff ends up being, it’ll likely be something that just makes her character fun to play, as she often spends a lot of time on the bottom of player’s choice lists. If the devs are following this, then it’s likely that Wattson will come next, but we’ll have to wait and see to know if this is actually happening.

Respawn has also confirmed that Horizon has “got stuff in the oven” for season 10, so maybe some of her recent nerfs will be counteracted for the new season.

Caustic will be getting a change too - but it will likely be nothing too flashy. Probably just a few minor tweaks.

Is There A New Map In Apex Legends Season 10?

What's Coming In Apex Legends Season 10?
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It was recently discovered that the latest Apex Legends BR map is nicknamed “tropics” implying a jungle-like aesthetic, but there’s no confirmation as to whether it will be coming in season 10. It would make sense, as Respawn has been drawing players’ attention to older maps at the moment.

We know there’s a map on the way (and it’s coming with more Tridents too boot, too) but whether it’s coming in this season remains to be seen.

When Will We Learn More About Apex Legends Season 10?

The latest video revealing Obi indicated that the ‘Emergence Launch Trailer’ reveal is coming on July 22, during the EA Play conference. Emergence seems to be the name of the new series, but if we want more info, we’ll have to wait until then. 

That’s everything we know about the tenth season of Apex Legends so far. Fingers crossed it’s about as bombastic as season 9, but knowing Apex’s track record, we have no doubt at all that it will be.


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