Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty On Game Pass?

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty On Game Pass?
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16th Jan 2023 11:38

Game Pass is one of the best subscription services in the world with access to many triple-A games, but is the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty heading to Game Pass? Keep reading to find out if you can play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass soon.

Can You Play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty With Game Pass?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the next big game from Team Ninja, the makers of the Nioh series. With this new IP, it seems to be going down a familiar mechanical path with intense sword action. Thankfully, when Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty releases, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can check this game out on day one. It will launch for Xbox platforms on March 3, 2023, alongside other systems like the PS5 and PC. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, like Nioh, is a game that takes inspiration from the Dark Souls series and other entries of its ilk from FromSoftware. You'll be trying to figure out how to beat terrifying bosses, but Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is centred around traditional Chinese martial arts. You'll be able to experience the game's intensely fast combat through Xbox Game Pass when the game arrives later this year. 

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Games Like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty On Game Pass

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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If you can't wait long for the anticipated Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, there are some alternatives on Xbox Game Pass you should consider. Mortal Shell is certainly one to gander at. It has stunning graphics, heart-pounding bosses, and the ability to turn into stone to counter incoming attacks. 

Another game to consider is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderCanon to the legendary franchise, you follow a former padawan on the run after Order 66 was called upon the galaxy. It has some of the best combat in a Star Wars game ever with the ability to use the force in multiple ways and wield the lightsaber to parry, block, and strike your foes. It has similar mechanics to the Dark Souls series as well, but with a grand story to follow. The game's sequel is coming soon.

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