Best weapons to use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Best weapons to use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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17th Mar 2023 18:53

The combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is incredibly satisfying when it all clicks to place. It not only offers some visceral finishing moves, but the parrying system makes for one of the strongest combat systems around, only matched by games such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

With such a complex combat system, it can be overwhelming with the number of weapons on display. It seems as though you have hundreds to choose from at the end of every single mission. As with most RPGs, some work better than others, and finding out the best set for you is all down to personal preference.

To help determine what you should use, here are the best weapons available in Wo Long.

Best weapons to use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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As with most Soulslike games, there’s a wide variety of weapons to use in Wo along. Some are better than others, and considering the reflexes needed for combat in the game, we found the faster-paced ones to work more efficiently in battle.

That’s not to say the stronger ones such as hammers and axes don’t have a place, but unlike something like Dark Souls, Wo Long demands you learn how to parry and play defensively when you need to. Later enemies have such short windows of opportunity where you can attack, meaning being quick is extremely important.

Here are the weapons we personally found the best to use in Wo Long.

Dual Swords

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These incredibly quick and versatile weapons can cut through most enemies without even giving them chance to react. While they don’t pack the most punch when it comes to whittling down their health bars, what they do have is speed on their side.

With a flurry of quick attacks - especially when coupling in spirit gauge moves - you’ll stagger them in no time. This opens them up to an ultimate move, where you can cause maximum damage and get in a few more hits while they compose themselves.


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If you want to play a little more cautiously, Sabres are the perfect option. Not only do they provide quite a bit of damage, but they’re also great for blocking enemy attacks, which is something you’ll need in the latter hours of Wo Long

These weapons can deflect a fair bit of damage and prevent you from taking any hits. A common trick many players forget they can use is that blocking and parrying and being used in unison, making this the ultimate weapon if you want to get it down to a fine point.


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For those who favour dealing damage over being defensive, Poleaxes are an excellent choice. These powerful weapons can dish out some punishment, and with their length, can be used from quite afar.

This is a great feature, especially when you want to avoid bosses and enemies who perform deadly attacks at close range. It’s perfect for those who are more well-versed in the Soulslike genre and want to play aggressively in their Wo Long adventure.


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One weapon you can’t go wrong with are the good old Swords. For newcomers and veterans alike, these are fantastic to use as an all-around weapon. The stats are fairly balanced, allowing you to play a perfect mix of defensive and aggressive.

Not only that, but after a few upgrades at the blacksmith, they pretty much level up with your character, meaning if you really wanted to, you could commit to one sword from the beginning and power it up as you go along. Within no time you will be a force to be reckoned with.

And those are the best picks of weapons you can use in Wo Long. Don’t forget to equip a Crossbow and Bow as well to cause some long-range damage. Much like the sword, it’s best to stick with one of these fairly early on and level it up as you progress.

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