Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty elemental stats explained

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty elemental stats explained
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6th Mar 2023 12:59

While the majority of your time in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be spent slashing down enemies with your katana or bludgeoning them in the face with a hammer, there is also a range of other tools at your disposal.

Throughout your adventure, you will unlock a variety of wizardry spells that will help to dispel enemies, protect yourself, or even buff you and your allies. It’s a handy tool, and perhaps one that Wo Long doesn’t do the best job of explaining to players. In fact, it’s entirely possible to not use it at all throughout.

However, doing this would be a disservice to you and the game, and prevent you from getting out of some tricky situations. If you want to learn about elemental stats in Wo Long, we have you covered.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty elemental stats explained

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The basic premise of elemental stats in Wo Long is extremely straightforward but may take a while for them to be embedded in your memory. The system works similarly to a Rock, Paper, Scissors format, however, there are five elements at play here.

You will find that each element has a particular strength and weakness, and it’s always about playing those against one another to achieve victory. If you want to know the strength and weaknesses of each element in Wo Long, here’s what you need to know:

  • Wood: Strong against Earth, but weak against Metal.
  • Earth: Strong against Water, but weak against Wood.
  • Water: Strong against Fire. but weak against Earth.
  • Fire: Strong against Metal, but weak against Water.
  • Metal: Strong against Wood, but weak against Fire.

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As you progress through Wo Long, you will discover more and more enemy types who will use these elements in battle. While it’s entirely possible to take them down with your melee weapon, the fights can be much quicker if you use your wizardry spells to your advantage.

You can purchase and equip new wizardry spells from a Battle Flag rest point. As you level up, you will unlock skill points that can be exchanged for new spells. Each one has a level associated with it, and you need to raise that category to the specified number when leveling up. 

You can equip them at Battle Flags in Wo Long, too. It’s worthwhile experimenting with your set to see what works for you. As the game progresses, you will most likely find that you need to switch them up for various encounters to stay ahead of the competition. 

Even if you don’t find wizardry spells too useful in battle, it’s still worth equipping ones such as Absorb Vitality, which when activated, will replenish your health with every hit you make on an enemy. These skills are underrated and a key component of what makes Wo Long work.

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