All Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trophies and achievements

All Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trophies and achievements
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an incredibly challenging game - there’s no way of getting around that. While you can bring some friends into your game to help you out with certain parts of the game, it doesn’t do too much to make the experience easier for you.

With such a challenging game, you can probably expect a strenuous achievement and trophy list to tackle. The Soulslike series has never been known to just hand over its achievements on a whim, and the experience is no different here.

If you want to prepare in advance or are simply curious about how much hair you could end up pulling out, here is the full achievement and trophy list for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

All Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trophies and achievements

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If you’re hoping to mop up all the achievements and trophies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, we recommend putting aside quite a bit of extra time and a few spare controllers.

Reviews have already decreed it a frustrating, yet rewarding experience, and the full list of achievements and trophies showcases everything you will need to do in order to reach 100% completion.

Here are all the achievements and trophies for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Wo Long 
    • Obtained all trophies.
  • At Fifteen I Joined the Army 
    • Reached Level 15.
  • Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return 
    • Reached Level 80.
  • Journey’s Beginning 
    • Awakened from the sleep of death at the sound of the Blindfolded Boy’s voice.
  • Vow of the Stalwart 
    • Swore an oath with Zhao Yun.
  • Will of the Loyal 
    • Swore an oath with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
  • Ambition of the Tiger 
    • Swore an oath with Sun Jian.
  • Guardian of Peace 
    • Swore an oath with Zuo Ci.
  • Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero
    • Swore an oath with Cao Cao.
  • Mightiest of Men 
    • Repelled Lu Bu’s forces.
  • Guidance of the Constellations 
    • Swore an oath with Lady Zhen.
  • Succession 
    • Swore an oath with Sun Ce and Sun Quan.
  • Familial Ties 
    • Swore an oath with Hong Jing.
  • The Steadfast Duo 
    • Swore an oath with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.
  • Fearless Warrior 
    • Swore an oath with Zhang Liao.
  • Entrusted Legacy 
    • Swore an oath with Lu Bu.
  • Aspiration and Amity 
    • Swore an oath with Liu Bei.
  • Dreams of Unity 
    • Swore an oath with Yuan Shao.
  • Annihilator of Evil 
    • Defeated Yu Ji.
  • Open Eyes 
    • Heard the Blindfolded Boy’s decision.
  • Battle-hardened 
    • Dominated 15 sub battlefields.
  • Hunting the Great Deer 
    • Dominated all main and sub battlefields.
  • Craftsmanship 
    • Upgraded your first piece of equipment.
  • Keen-edged 
    • Upgraded a weapon to its fullest capacity.
  • Adamantine 
    • Upgraded a piece of armor to its fullest capacity.
  • All That Glitters 
    • Embedded your first jewel at the Forge.
  • Decor Maketh the Man 
    • Decorated your first item at the Forge.
  • Wizardry Beginner 
    • Learned your first Wizardry Spell.
  • Wizardry Master 
    • Learned all Wizardry Spells.
  • First Phase 
    • Interacted with the Five Phases for the first time.
  • Unstoppable 
    • Raised Morale Rank to 20 for the first time.
  • Merit beyond Measure 
    • Received a sworn brothers’ boon for the first time.
  • Great Gatherings 
    • Joined forces with all available warriors.
  • Fantastic Form 
    • Equipped a full 4★ set consisting of: melee weapon, ranged weapon, accessory, and 4 armor pieces.
  • Pots and Potions 
    • Upgraded the Dragon’s Cure Pot to its greatest capacity and effectiveness.
  • Well-read 
    • Collected all tablets.
  • Best Flag Forward 
    • Raised your first Battle Flag.
  • Fly It High
    • Raised all Battle Flags.
  • How Cute! 
    • Fed your first Shitieshou.
  • How Precious!
    • Fed all of the Shitieshou.
  • Sharp Reflexes 
    • Successfully deflected 10 critical blows.
  • Vulnerable Moments
    • Landed 50 Fatal Strikes.
  • Side by Side
    • Dominated 10 battlefields with a companion.
  • Eye for an Eye
    • Fended off invaders 10 times.
  • Righteous Judgment
    • Exacted vengeance 10 times.
  • Call to Arms
    • Used 10 Tiger Seals.
  • Heroes Will Rise 
    • Repelled Xielong in “Centuries of Glory Burned Away.”
  • Staunching Heresy 
    • Defeated all Warlocks performing the ritual in “The Valley of Crying Wraiths.”
  • Dogged Justice 
    • Saved the captured Hermits in “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.”
  • Strung Bow 
    • Defeated 5 foes with a ballista in “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass.”
  • Ascension 
    • Gave a certain someone the maximum amount of Golden Cicada Shells.

And there we have it! As expected, it’s not the easiest of lists to manage, and looks as though it could take a fair amount of time and patience.

If you have the commitment, it seems as though Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty could be a fairly satisfying achievement and trophy list to gain for your collection.

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