Wo Long Character Codes: How to use and best codes

Wo Long Character Codes: How to use and best codes
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14th Mar 2023 16:23

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an incredibly challenging game that will push you to your limits. It’s gruelling at times, yet incredibly satisfying when everything comes together. Overall, the adventure can be a daunting one, and you want to make sure your character looks the part.

Travelling through each level can be a challenging task, but knowing your character looks like a badass, or even better, is based on a character from another franchise you love is very satisfying. It can make the experience of dying hurt a little bit less when it happens.

Another neat feature Wo Long contains is the ability to input codes that create a character for you. These are great if you lack the desire to mess around with all the systems and use someone else’s pre-created character. If you want to know how to do this, along with some of the best options, here’s everything you need to know.

What are Wo Long character codes?

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These character codes are used to form pre-created characters that other users have developed. Wo Long has an incredibly detailed system and it can be overwhelming if it’s not your cup of tea.

Thankfully, when you load up the game and enter the character creation for the first time, you can use character codes to use a pre-created one. You can even speak to Zuo Ci in the Hidden Village hub area who will allow you to use these codes too.

Once you’re in the creation menu, select Character Creation. At this point, click the Menu button, before going to the option that allows you to enter Character Creation codes. From here, insert the codes and you’ll be good to go.

Best Wo Long character codes

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As expected, players have already created a wide array of heroes to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are incredibly detailed and have Wo Long players feeling as though they’re in a different game entirely. 

Depending on what platform you are using, the first three letters of the code will vary. Here are the options you can use:

  • PlayStation: WLP-
  • Xbox: WLX-
  • PC (Steam): WLS-

Once you’ve added in the platform you are using, here are some of the most popular Wo Long character codes that are floating about right now:

  • Goro Majima: DLGYHEwaBMbL3
  • Chun Li: %rcB+jqMckNex
  • Azula: [email protected]
  • Harley Quinn: 6QAPb9P&/k?8H
  • Kratos: iSq%[email protected]
  • Juri Han: ivih%zbSNyWsL
  • John Wick: rB&kSNcbx
  • Venom Snake: w9G4j=mV42rnF
  • Kiryu Kazuma: kjqo%LotwbHVj
  • Nick Fury: T%ePJPuefUeYC
  • Vergil: Vz4ix2KkD4n72
  • Joker: k?JDvFuefU6YC
  • Michael Jackson: y2KsuRf&wchCD
  • Dio Brando: dmVZP7QmH%gED
  • Zoro: FaKz5bCySmd5D

And with that, you will have created your own Wo Long character based on what other players in the community have created. It’s a useful tool, and one we imagine will only grow in popularity as more people utilize it.

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