How to beat the first boss, Zhang Liang, in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to beat the first boss, Zhang Liang, in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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9th Mar 2023 11:44

Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a tough introductory boss to come across. From the get-go, you're expected to master how to counter his attacks and strike at the most opportune moments. It's certainly a bizarre decision by the developer Team Ninja. However, if you follow these tips, you'll be able to beat Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to get ready for Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss
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Facing Zhang Liang fresh from starting a new game is extremely difficult to pull off. Your HP goes down so quickly, and your offence is minimal. Most players will need to grind experience before they take on Zhang Liang. Get to the closest flag to the Zhang Liang boss area up the top of the hill and work your way down.

Take out all of the soldiers and then the infested humans on the bottom of the hill. There is a flag checkpoint to the right. Use that to replenish your health potions. Every time you interact with the flag will cause the enemies to respawn, just like in the Souls series with bonfires.

Follow that path down and you'll see more soldiers you can eliminate. You can easily remove two of them just by sneaking up and pressing the Triangle button (Y on Xbox) for a quick stealth attack. You can go up and down the hill as many times to get the required Genuine Qi to level up.

It will take some time, so put on a podcast (or your favourite music), relax, and grind to your heart's content. We were Level 14 before we could take down Zhang Liang.

If you follow down the same path through the fire past the soldiers, there is a stronger enemy standing in your way. It's called a changui. If you manage to take it down (and it's actually quite challenging), go behind the house it's standing in front of. Jump on top of the roof and down the hole to find some gear that will dramatically bolster your defence against Zhang Liang.

Something else to know before you face Zhang Liang is that co-op is not available during the introductory chapter but is unlocked shortly after the boss battle.

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How to defeat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to beat Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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Zhang Liang may seem impossible but he can be beaten. You will struggle, however, as you try to learn his patterns. During the first stage of the battle, Zhang is swinging his large mace at you. Go forward and press the Circle button (or B) to reflect the attack. When performing this, he'll more than likely be stunned for a few seconds. Get a few hits in and then back off for his next attack.

The aim of the game is to reduce the opponent's spirit gauge and have the bar filled to the brim in red. Once this occurs, Zhang and the other bosses will be knocked out cold. This is when to input a Fatal Strike, dealing tonnes of damage.

Whenever you see an attack in red by Zhang, you'll certainly want to deflect the attack. It's unblockable, but deflecting it will dramatically change the outcome of a fight. It will drastically impact the spirit gauge and leaves them more open to a Fatal Strike than previously.

Zhang Liang eventually leaps up into the air and smashes his mace down towards you. Thankfully, this can also be easily parried. It's all about the timing. During the second half of the first phase, the game may try to trip you up with two consecutive red-heavy strikes. Deflect them both and you should be in a good spot for a Fatal Strike.

Regrettably, the second form of Zhang Liang is tougher. He now has a giant hand that can strike you down from a distance. He also has the ability to send a rocky earthquake towards your feet, causing massive damage.

As he swings his giant hand around, make sure to deflect them properly as if it was a normal hand. Whenever an earthquake is summoned, try to roll out of the way.

Another move you should keep an eye on is a ghastly wave of roots. You will start to see it building up in energy as the stone floor erupts red. At this point, run as fast as you can from Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

It's best to keep your distance from Zhang Liang at this point in the battle. You never know when he'll unleash the web of roots or use his giant arm to swing out of the arena. Be ready for anything and don't overextend.

When you reach the midway point of the second Zhang Liang battle, you can summon the Divine Beast. When the Blindfolded Boy tells you to "unleash the power residing in the Jade," press triangle and circle together (Y and B on Xbox). It will then play a cutscene that will finish the fight. Congrats, you have beaten this tough boss battle.

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