What to do with the meditating man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

What to do with the meditating man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Much like other games in the genre, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is filled with cryptic side quests with very little direction. It can be frustrating trying to pinpoint where you need to go, or what you even need to do in some circumstances - especially when the game lacks any sort of quest log. 

One mystery that is puzzling many players is the inclusion of a meditating monk in the Hidden Village hub area. This secret character seemingly lacks any interaction prompt, however, that has only led the community to attempt to decipher if there’s anything you can do with them.

If you’re curious as to whether the meditating monk in Wo Long is important, we have the answer for you.

What to do with the meditating man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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If you’ve been in the Hidden Village hub in Wo Long, you may have noticed a sole man meditating on an island to the right side of the area. Initially, this area is locked, with you needing to find the house keys in order to access that area. 

Once you have those in hand, you’ll be able to get through the house and venture to this island. Seemingly, the meditating man has no way of interacting with him, however, that’s because he is part of a much larger quest.

Your first time in the Hidden Village hub, you can speak to a woman who is attempting to locate her missing husband. She is found in the middle of the area and says she will be leaving the village in her search for him. If you hadn’t guessed already, the meditating man is indeed her husband. If only she had turned her head to the left she would have spotted him.

What follows is an elaborate quest line in which you need to speak to this woman on three separate occasions. She can be found in various Wo Long sub-battlefields, and if you want to cut out time tracking her down, here are the exact ones she can be found within.

  • The Uninhibited Heart (Part 5): Just before you take the ladder underground, she can be found to the right. She will ask for some coins, so hand them over to her.
  • Let’s Make Our Armor Shine (Part 6): After the second Battle Flag, follow the path forward until you climb up to a huge broken ship. Go downstairs and venture around to the left to find her hidden in the corner. Again, she will ask for some coins.
  • Let’s Make Our Halberds Shine (Part 7): Just after the second Battle Flag, advance forward until you can climb atop some nearby houses. This will give you access to behind them where you will find her. Of course, she will ask for more coins.

After these prerequisites have been completed, you can return to the Hidden Village hub in Wo Long and speak to the meditating man. He will state it is now time for him to return home, at which point your next port of call should be to go speak to the woman. 

Go back to where you initially found her and she will thank you for helping her in the search of her husband. As a reward, you’ll receive the coins you funded her throughout her expedition. The prize for completing this Wo Long side quest isn’t really worth it, but if you’re looking to get that 100% completion, it’s definitely worth tracking down. 

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