How long would it take to beat Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How long would it take to beat Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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8th Mar 2023 17:15

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a Soulslike action RPG set in a dark fantasy version of the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China. You'll take on the role of a customizable nameless soldier as you fight various difficult bosses throughout the different missions.

So, if you need a full breakdown of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty mission list, along with how long it takes to beat, we've got you covered.

How long is the game?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will take you roughly 30 hours to beat if you're focusing mainly on progressing through the story. The length of a playthrough like this can vary heavily, depending on how well you can handle the game's difficulty, as some sections and bosses are quite hard.

How long to beat Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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For players looking to take a more completionist route of Wo Long by taking part in side missions and challenges, your playthrough could extend well beyond 50 hours, but this is once again dependent on how you deal with the difficulty.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty mission list

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty mission list
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There are a total of sixteen missions across the seven chapters. Each one requires you to hit a recommended level first and defeat the bosses from the previous missions. We'll list all the missions below along with their recommended level.

  1. The Village of Calamity - Level 1
  2. Two Chivalrous Heroes - Level 5
  3. The Valley of Crying Wraiths - Level 11
  4. The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven - Level 17
  5. In Search of the Immortal Wizard - Level 25
  6. Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch - Level 29
  7. The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass - Level 37
  8. Centuries of Glory Burned Away - Level 43
  9. Darkness Over the Hanshui River - Level 49
  10. Tyrant's Final Banquet - Level 55
  11. War's Flames Blaze Fiercely - Level 61
  12. The Way of the Warrior - Level 67
  13. Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men - Level 73
  14. Behold the Glaive of Righteousness - Level 79
  15. Decisive Battle of Guandu - Level 85
  16. The Crouching Dragon Roars - Level 93

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We also cover how to respec skills in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, for if you don't like your current build.

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